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Dr. John Robert Thornton's


London (1799-1807)

Dramatic print from Dr. Thornton's justifiably famous The Temple of Flora.
Designed as a grand tribute to the Swedish botanist, Linnæus, this presentation of large folio-sized floral prints is considered by many to be the most magnificent such work ever produced.
Each print was the result of a mixture of elaborate engraving processes. They were first printed in colour and then finished by hand, making it one of the earliest works to use this method.
The prints have a bold, dramatic impact unlike any other, the result of not only the superb engraving and coloring, but also Thornton's use of 'classical' landscapes in the backgrounds.
Hyacinths by Thornton
thornton hyacinths


Engraved by Warner after a painting by Sydenham Teak Edwards.
Published in London in 1801 by Dr. John Robert Thornton for The Temple of Flora
Stipple engraved aquatint with hand finishing.
Conservation mounted and framed.

Folio size; approximately 18 x 14 inches (25.5 x 30 inches framed).

Mixed medium; often employing mezzotint, aquatint, etching and line engraving on a single plate.
Printed with color and finished by hand. In fine condition with rich, vivid colours and no foxing or tears.

(Colours are, of course, much more vivid and rich than the photos above portray...
also, reflections on glass show up here that are not on the actual engraving.)

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