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"The Works of James Gillray from the Original Plates with the Addition of Many Subjects Not Before Collected"

published by Henry G. Bohn, London
written by Charles Whiting


Original Copperplate Engravings over 170 years old

Full Sheet Size: approximately 19 x 24.75 inches (about 48 x 63 cm)
Half Sheet Size: approximately 9.5 x 12.25 inches (about 24 x 31 cm)
(trimmed from full sheet)

Image size varies from engraving to engraving. Most, but not all, plates have engravings on both sides of the sheet, as published by Bohn.

Click here for contemporary (1851) descriptions and analyses of the cartoons by James Gillray

Click here for the index to subjects in James Gillray's cartoons

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Antique and Vintage Humor and Satire prints

Source: Historical & Descriptive Account of the Caricatures of James Gillray; Comprising A Political and Humorous History of the Latter Part of the Reign of George the Third

by Thomas Wright, Esq., F.S.A. and R. H. Evans, Esq.

Published: London, Henry G. Bohn, 1851

original James Gillray etchings The Republican Rattlesnake Fascintating the Bedford Squirrel

Retribution–Tarring and Feathering; or, The Patriot's Revenge

click image above for enlarged view

Plate 136, 137
(Side 1)

The Republican Rattlesnake Fascinating the Bedford Squirrel

Retribution–Tarring and Feathering; or, The Patriot's Revenge

original James Gillray etchings Fatigues of the Campaign in Flanders

click image above for enlarged view

Plates 138, 139
(Side 2)

Hanging.   Drowning.

The Crown and Anchor Libel Burnt by The Public Hangman

Overall sheet size is approximately 19.125 x 24.75 inches (about 48 x 63 cm)

Condition is Good to Very Good. Minor foxing/staining in margins, not affecting image areas.
Typical appropriate age toning of paper. Please refer to enlargement by clicking on thumbnail images above.


Retribution - Tarring and Feathering
Plate 137
(Side 1)

Retribution - Tarring and Feathering

The Crown and Anchor Libel
Plate 139
(Side 2)

The Crown and Anchor Libel

(These plates are on a half-sheet, trimmed down from a full sheet at some time)