Materials: paper
Techniques: lithograph
Production person: Print made by John Doyle (HB)
Published by: Thomas McLean
Production place: London, England
Date: JULY 29, 1830
Schools/Styles: British satire

[British Museum Satires 16177]

No. 76. A scene in the Lords. Cumberland, Durham, Grey, and Eldon sit on a bench in close and conspiratorial conclave. The others listen intently to Eldon.

Curator's comments
(Description and comment from M. Dorothy George, 'Catalogue of Political and Personal Satires in the British Museum', XI, 1954)
For the hostility of the ultra-Tories to the Duke see No. 16302, &c.; Cumberland was his declared enemy. Grey had given Wellington some support till George IV's death removed the royal embargo on high office for himself, cf. Ellenborough, 'Diary', ii. 20 f. (18 Apr. 1829). On 30 June he made a declaration of war on the Government: ". . . Ministers who have already shown themselves so incompetent to manage the business of the country . . ." 'Parl. Deb.', N.S. xxv. 728. See also, ibid., 762-6. Cf. No. 16730, a sequel. A similar conjunction, on 27 May, was noted by Mrs. Arbuthnot: "The Duke of Cumberland and Lord Eldon were sitting last night on the opposition bench, with Lord Grey and Lord Lansdowne." 'Journal', 1950, ii. 306. See Nos. 16266, 16730.

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