Materials: paper
Techniques: lithograph
Production person: Print made by John Doyle (HB)
Published by: Thomas McLean
Production place: London, England
Date: JAN 30, 1833
Schools/Styles: British satire

[British Museum Satires no number]

No. 239. A man in centre (Charles Manners-Sutton), walking from left towards right, showing off his new long wig and gown to a man standing on left in profile to right (Duke of Wellington), wearing a cloak with high standing collar, holding a top hat under the cloak; on right, an old man seated in an armchair in profile to left, joining the conversation.

Curator's comments
Text from 'An Illustrative Key to the Political Sketches of H.B.', London 1841:

Mr. Manners Sutton, whose farewell benefit is explained at No. CCXXI, on the re-assembling of Parliament was again proposed for Speaker, supported by the whole strength of the ministry, and was re-elected. Of course, the pension remained in abeyance while the Right Honourable Gentleman filled the chair. The general belief was, that the Conservatives, finding themselves strong enough, with the aid of the Speaker's personal friends, to carry his re-election, would not be satisfied with less than a peerage for him, to which Lord Grey would not consent; and, therefore, suffered him to be re-elected, as the only alternative.
The Duke of Wellington, with his usual good sense and plain speaking, tells the Speaker that his new gown does not become him so well as his old; but behold the force of example! Poor old Lord Eldon, whose stooping shoulders, "shrunk shank," and "shrivelled hands with veins embossed," declare him in the sixth act of the drama of life, feels a return of the desire for office, on witnessing the re-appearance of the late retired functionary .

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