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The culture of the northwestern coast of Alaska is rich in legend and lore. It is said that at one village, an old woman was left behind when the townspeople departed to hunt for seals at their summer camp. The others left no food for the woman but she was not ready to die.
Everyday the old woman would go out on the beach and search for scraps of food; fish, a piece of blubber or skin. One day, while beachcombing she found a small worm. Instead of eating it she decided to keep it as a companion. She shared what little food she had with the worm and it grew larger and larger. The worm followed her around. Soon it was big enough to hunt seal and would bring home lots of food for both of them.

By the time the snow started to fall, the worm was enormous, and could kill anything. When the tribe returned to their village the giant worm attacked the villagers who had been so cruel to his friend, and killed them all.

The Giant Worm Legend original watercolor was painted in 1976. It was published in 2008, released in January of 2009. It is Rie Munoz's only Giclee reproduction to date. It was printed by Mounier Giclee in Morro Bay California.

Easter Services, St. Nicholas Church
Giant Worm Legend (2009)
special giclee print edition of ony 125!
Image Size: 18 x 10 inches

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