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vintage and antique native american indian prints

Original antique and vintage prints of Native American Indians and other related prints.
Be sure to also check out the "western" prints here.

Eldridge A. Burbank native american prints

Burbank, Elbridge A.

early prints (1899)
of some of Burbank's famous native portraits

  George Catlin Indian prints

Catlin, George

Illustrations of the Manners, Customs, and Condition of the North American Indians

1876 Color Lithograph (chromolithograph) edition

1845 Black and White engraving edition

1860 Steel engravings (after Karl Bodmer)

McKinney and Hall portraits of Native American Indians

McKenney, Thomas L. & Hall, James L.

The History of the Indian Tribes of North America

Beautiful hand-colored lithographs of Native American portraits

  Early Charles Russell prints of Native American Indians

Russell, Charles M.

some of the earliest prints of Russell's paintings (circa 1910s-1930s) by both Brown and Bigelow (St. Paul, Minnesota) and The Moscrip Picture Co. (Great Falls, Montana)

Jarome Smith western prints from the 1930s – a Darvill's exclusive!

Smith, Jerome Howard

Various prints by one of the most famous Western painters of the early 1900s. Only to be found here at Darvill's!

Vintage prints of Native American Indians and native peoples

Vintage Calendar/Poster art

Genuine early 20th-century prints of Native American Indians and other indigenous peoples

Miscellaneous Native American Indian prints

Remington, Frederic

black and white prints from 1902

Roland Reed photos circa 1900-1915

Reed, Roland

sepia photographs from circa 1900-1915

Edward S. Curtis Native American Indian photographs

Curtis, Edward W.

Portraits from North American Indian Life (1972)


original Guatemalan watercolor paintings by M. Navas, circa 1950s-1960s

M. Navas original Guatemalan watercolor paintings of Mayan subjects

circa 1950s to 1960s


Eskimos, Laplanders, Aborigines, Negroes, etc.

Native Peoples, Ethnicities, Cultural Customs, etc.

miscellaneous 18th and 19th century antique prints


Antique and vintage desert scenes

Miscellaneous Arab and African vintage prints

mostly late 19th- and early 20th-century prints from various sources


Original Lehnert and Landrock heliogravures of North African subjects

Original Lehnert and Landrock heliogravures of Northern African subjects

circa 1910-1930s, printed in Germany prior to WWII


Rare prints and maps...Since 1918! Click here to go to Darvill's home page.
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