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Buffon's Complete Works (Büffon's Sämmtliche Werke)

George Louis Le Clerc, Comte de Buffon (1707-1788)
1837-40, Cologne, Germany

Original Hand-coloured etched plates over 170 years old
Titles in French, German, Latin

Sheet size: approximately 8¼ x 5 inches.


George Louis Le Clerc, Comte de Buffon (1707-1788)
  We are pleased to offer these original, hand colored etchings from George Louis Le Clerc, the Count of Buffon. A student of the Academy of Science, Buffon influenced the separation of science from theology, even before Darwin's theory of evolution. He suggested that man and ape may be connected through a scientific, common ancestry. In addition, Buffon challenged existing religious dogmas and acknowledged that new theories were needed, believing that the Earth was more than 6,000 years old. These beautiful illustrations present birds in their natural, historical backgrounds.

Le Balbuzard, etc.
Plate 3
Le Balbuzard
Le Jean Le Blanc

Plate 4
Le Percnoptere
Le Griffon

Plate 5
Le Grand Vautour
Le Vautour Aigrette
Le Petit Vautour

Plate 6
Le Roi de Vautours

Plate 8
La Buse
Le Milan

Plate 9
L'Oiseau St. Martin
La Bondrée

Plate 10
Le Busard
La Soubuse

Plate 12
Le Gerfaut
Le Lanier
Le Sacre

Plate 14
La Pie-Griéche Gris
(foxing in sky)

Plate 15
La Pie-Griéche House

Plate 18
La Chouette
La Cheveche

American Ostrich, Cassowary
Plate 20
Le Touyou
Le Casoar

Plate 21
Le Dronte

Plate 25
Le Grand Coq de Pruyere
Le Coq de Pruyere a queue Fourchue

Plate 27
Le Lagopede
Le Lagopede de la baie d'Hudson

Plate 31
Le Katraka
Le Nepaul

Plate 32
Le Paon Spiciferer

Plate 33
Le Pauxia Pierre
Le Hocco

Plate 37
La Caille Commune
La Caille des Iles Malouines

Plate 39
Le Pigeon Piset
Le Pigeon Cravatte

Plate 40
Le Pigeon Grosse Gorge
Le Pigeon Nonain

Plate 41
Le Pigeon a Queuedepaon
Le Pigeon de la Jamaique

Plate 43
La Tourterelle a Collier
La Tourterelle Blanche

Plate 44
Le Coracias
Le Corbeau
La Corneille

Plate 45
Le Freux
La Corneille Mantelée
Le Choucas

Plate 46
La Pie
Le Geai Bleau
Le Geai Commun

Plate 48
Le Casse Noix
Le Rolleau Gorgebleu
Le Rolle Commun
(original watercolour smears)

Plate 50
Le Six Filets Male
Le Six Filets Femelle

Plate 51
Le Pique-Boeuf
L'Etourneau Vulgaire
L'Etourneau Ducap

Plate 52
L'Etourneau Unicolor
L'Etourneau de la Louisiane

Plate 53
Le Troupiale
Le Commandeur

Plate 55
Le Cassique Jaune
Le Cassique Rouge
Le Cassique Vert

Plate 57
La Grive
Le Rousserolle

Plate 58
La Drenne
La Litorne
Le Mauvis

Plate 60
Le Merle Noir
Le Merle a Plastron blanc

Plate 61
Le Merle Rose
Le Merle de Roche
Le Merle Bleu

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