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Antique & Vintage Bird Prints

Darvill's Rare Prints has been offering a fine selection of antique and vintage prints
since 1918! Here we show the offering of beautiful original bird prints. Just click on the links below to see what is available from that particular source. Enjoy the treasures!

Audubon's Birds of American first edition prints

John James

The Birds of America
original first edition royal octavo hand-colored lithographs

The Birds of America
large original vintage reproductions
(circa 1930s)

Bolton's Harmonia Ruralis 1845

Bolton, James

Harmonia Ruralis

Natural History of Birds by Brightly and Childs

Brightly & Childs

The Natural History
of Birds

Bird prints by Buffon

Buffon, Comte de
(George Louis Le Clerc, Count de Buffon )

Buffon's Complete Works

A Natural History...

Birds of Great Britain and Ireland by Butler

Butler, Arthur G.
Gronvold, H. and
Frohawk, F.W.

The Birds of Great Britain and Ireland (1890)

British Warblers (1907)

Cassell Birds and Pigeons

Cassell, Petter,
Galpin & Co

Book of the Bird
(ca. 1870-1880)

Pigeon Book
(ca. 1870-1880)

Museum of Natural History Birds by Wm Dallas Dallas, William S.
(Lowry, engraver)

The Museum of
Natural History

Dictionnaire Universel d'Histoire Naturelle birds D'Orbigny, Charles

Dictionnaire Universel d'Histoire Naturelle
(ca. 1860s)
Also mammals, fish, reptiles, shells, etc.

Edwards birds

Edwards, George (artist)
Pass, J. (engraver)

Encyclopedia Londinensis

Louis Aggasiz Fuertes bird prints from 1902

Fuertes, Louis Aggasiz

New York Fisheries, Game and Forests Commission (1902)

    Goldsmith Birds

Goldsmith, Oliver

The Earth and Animated Nature (1850-1862)

John Gould birds

Gould, John

The Birds of Great Britain

A Monograph of the Trochilidae, or Family of Humming-birds

Vintage Gould Bird Prints
(circa 1930s-1940s)

Larger Vintage Gould Bird Prints
(circa 1940s-1950s)

Henrik Gronvold Birds of Australia circa 1910-1927

Gronvold, Henik
Mathews, Gregory M.
Witherby and Co.

The Birds of Australia (1910-1927)

Hayes family bird prints from 1794-1817

Hayes, William
(author, engraver, colorist)
Hayes, Anne
Hayes, Emily
Hayes, Matilta
(principal engravers and colorists)

Bulmer and Co.

Portraits of the Curious Exotic Birds...

Jardine/Lizars Naturalist's Library birds

Jardine, Sir William
(Lizars, William, engraver)

The Naturalist's Library (1830s-1840s)

Martyn bird prints 18th century


Meyers Konversations: Lexicon birds prints 1896

Meyers Konversations: Lexikon
(published in Leipzig and Vienna)

Antique chromolithographs of birds (circa 1896)

Beverley Morris birds 1855

Morris, Beverley

British Game Birds and Wildfowl (1855)

Morris Birds





Reverend Francis Orpen

British Birds

Nests and Eggs


Animate Creation birds by Louis Prang

Prang, Louis

Animate Creation (1898)

Shaw and Nodder prints

Shaw, George
Nodder, Frederick

The Naturalist's Miscellany


see Natural History page for other categories of animals

George Shaw copperplate engravings

Shaw, George

Zoological Lectures,
delivered to the
Royal Institution



see Natural History page for other categories

Studer and Jasper Birds of North America 1880

Studer, Jacob H.
Jasper, Theodore

The Birds of North America
(1878) color lithographs

The Birds of North America
(1878) two-tone lithographs

Archibald Thorburn's Birds of England

Thorburn, Archibald

British Birds

Familiar Wild Birds
by Thorburn, Lydon, Turck and other artists
(circa 1903)

USPRR birds

Report upon United States Geographical Surveys West of the One Hundredth Meridian, in charge of Capt. Geo. M. Wheeler, Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army ...

R. Ridgway and
G.M. Wheeler

Vol V: Zoology (Birds)
(circa 1875) and some plates from the USPRR (circa 1860)

Birds of North America (1860)

Weir Poultry

Weir, Harrison

The Poultry Book

Wilkes's Encyclopedia Londinensis (1796-1828)

Wilkes, John

Encyclopedia Londinensis

Alexander Wilson birds

Wilson, Alexander

American Ornithology

Wright Poultry

Wright, Lewis
(Cassell publisher)

Illustrated Book of Poultry

The New Book of Poultry

Wyman & sons birds

Wyman & Sons

Lloyd's Natural History
(circa 1890)

Miscellaneous Antique Bird Prints from circa 1900

Unidentified Bird Prints
(circa 1900)

Miscellaneous Bird Prints
(offset lithographs)

Antique bird chromolithographs from circa 1890

Unidentified Bird Prints from mostly unknown sources

Miscellaneous Bird Prints
(Chromolithographs, circa 1890)

Miscellaneous Bird Prints
(hand-coloured lithographs and others by artists such as J.G. Keulemans, circa 1800-1900)

Small bird prints from circa 1900

Unidentified Bird Prints
(circa 1900)

Miscellaneous Bird Prints
(small tinted halftones)

Birds and Nature Magazine (ca. 1899-1904)

A.W. Mumford

Birds and Nature Magazine
(photo offset lithographs, circa 1899-1904)

Lynn Bogue Hunt bird prints
Lynn Bogue Hunt

Vintage bird illustrations
Walter A Weber bird prints circa 1930s

Walter A. Weber

Vintage bird illustrations

Vintage Jacob Bates Abbott bird prints
Jacob Bates Abbott

Vintage bird illustrations
Vintage and antique bird prints
Miscellaneous vintage and antique bird prints from various, unidentified sources

Ridgway bird prints

J. L. Ridgway

New York Fisheries, Game and Forests Commission

New York Fisheries, Game and Forests Commission

Classic Shorebird Decoys limited edition prints 1971

Milton C. Weiler

Classic Shorebird Decoys
(Limited edition 240/975, 1971)

Imao Keinen Kacho-ga bird and flower Japanese woodblock prints

Imao Keinen

Birds and Flowers of All Seasons

Arthur Singer vintage bird prints 1956-1957

Arthur Singer

Vintage Bird Prints

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