Fragrant Martynia
"Fragrant Martynia"

Plate 1294
"Plate 1294" (no text incl.)

Rose-coloured Achimines
"Rose-colured Achimenes"

Ray-spined Berberry
"Ray-spined Berberry"


Whole-coloured Habranth
"Whole-coloured Habranth"

Ray-fruited Saintfoin
"Ray-fruited Saintfoin"

Greek Trichonemes
"Greek Trichonemes"

Sessile-flowered Sobralia
"Sessile-flowered Sobralia"

Lilac-flowered Ruellia
"Lilac-flowered Ruellia"

Plate 1223 (no text)
"Plate 1223 (no text)"

Plate 1291 - no text
"Plate 1291 (no text)"

Downy Blindweed
"Downy Blindweed"

Plate 212 - no text
"Plate 212 - no text"

Toad-skinned Gongora
"Toad-skinned Gongora"

Violet-scented Cleisostome
"Violet-scented Cleisostome"

Three-coloured Spotted Gongora
Spotted Gongora"


Tube-flowered Salvia
"Tube-flowered Salvia "

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from The Botanic Register.

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Hand-coloured engravings from The Botanic Register, published by James Ridgway between 1815-1847.
Sheet size is approx. 6 x 10 inches. Plate size varies by image.
Each print is accompanied by a 1 page description in English (when available).
This is but a small sampling of the Ridgway/Edwards botanicals in our collection.
Please email us if you are looking for a particular flower or plant from this series.
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Edwards, Sydenham. The Botanical Register. London: James Ridgway, 1815-1847

Sydenham Teast Edwards was the son of a Welsh schoolmaster. He accompanied William Curtis on his botanical travels as an artist and worked with Curtis many years on the Botanical Magazine. Following a disagreement with Curtis in 1815 he started a rival publication, The Botanical Register illustrated with detailed hand coloured copper plate engravings. The detailed Latin scientific descriptions show that Edwards was aiming his work at an international academic audience as well as plant lovers in his own country.