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Antique and Vintage Botanical prints

Original antique and vintage botanical prints of flowers, plants, trees, ferns, fruits, etc.


James Anderson
Anderson, James

New Practical Gardener
W. Baxter
Baxter, William

British Phaenogamous Botany; or, Figures and Descriptions of the Genera of British Flowering Plants
The Apples of New York by S.A. Beach
Beach, S.A.

The Apples of New York

See also Hedrick below

Basilius Besler's Florilegium 1613
Besler, Basilius

The Besler Floriligium

Art Nouveau designs by Alois Bohla ca. 1910s
Bohla, Alois

Neue Motive für Moderne Flächenverzierung
(Art Nouveau botanical designs)
(ca. 1910s)
G.S. Boulger
Boulger, G.S.
(Boot, W.H.J. - artist)

Familiar Trees and
their fruit/nuts/flowers

(ca. 1890)

European Ferns by James Britten ca 1880

Britten, James

European Ferns
(ca. 1880)
publ. by Cassell

Curtis's Botanical Magazine, Floral Londinensis

Curtis, William & Samuel

Antique copper engravings of fruit from de Monceau 1768

Du Monceau, Henri-Louis Duhamel


Traité des Arbres Fruitier

The Botanic Register by Sydenham Edwards and Thomas Ridgway 1817-1847
Edwards, Sydenham (artist)
Ridgway, James

The Botanical Register
Henry Fisher and Thomas Green The Universal Herbal
Fisher, Henry
Green, Thomas

The British Herbal and
The Universal Herbal

W.H. Fitch botanicals
Fitch, Walter H.

Miscellaneous publications

The Floral Cabinet and Magazine of Exotic Botany
The Floral Cabinet and Magazine of Exotic Botany

G.B. Knowles
and Frederic Westcott

The Floral Cabinet and Magazine of Exotic Botany

The Garden botanical lithographs
The Garden

Robinson, William
(founder and editor)

The Garden
The Grocer's Encyclopedia from 1911 by Artemas Ward
The Grocer's Encylopedia

Ward, Artemis

The Grocer's Encyclopedia

Antique Vegetable Prints
(unknown source similar in style and size to The Grocer's Encyclopedia, circa 1910)

The Cherries of England by Norman Grubb
Grubb, Norman H.

The Cherries of England
the Floricutural Cabinet by Joseph Harrison
Harrison, Joseph

The Floricultural Cabinet
Fruits of New York 1917-1920s
Hedrick, U.P.

The Apples of New York
(by S.A. Beach)

The Plums of New York

The Cherries of New York

The Peaches of New York

The Pears of New York

Les Plantes des Champs et des Bois by Bergeron-Herincq
Step, Edward & Watson, William

Favourite Flowers of Garden & Greenhouse
John Hill
Hill, John

The British Herbal...

The Vegetable System
(circa 1775)

W. Hooker
Hooker, W.

Horticultural Transactions


F. Edward Hulme's Familiar Wild and Garden Flowers
Hulme, F. Edward

Familiar Wild Flowers
(ca. 1880 Chromolithographs)

Familiar Wild Flowers
(ca. 1890 Offset Lithographs)

Flowers in Heraldry by Ibbett
Ibbett, Vera

Flowers in Heraldry
Nicholas Joseph Jacquin botanicals 1795-1796
Jacquin, Nicholas Joseph

Auswahl schöner und seltener gewächse...

Knorr botanical from 1770-1772
Knorr, Georg Wolfgang

Thesaurus Rei Herbariae Hortensusuque Universalis
Jane Wells Loudon

Loudon, Jane Wells

The Ladies Flower-Garden of Ornamental Annuals

British Wild Flowers
(1846 and 1849)

E. J. Lowe's
Lowe, E. J.

Our Native Ferns

A Natural History of British Grasses (1858)

Thomas Meehan
Meehan, Thomas

The Native Flowers
and Ferns of the
United States
Mushrooms by Edmund Michael
Michael, Edmund

Führer für Pilzfreunde
(Mushrooms & Truffles)
Philip Miller botanicals from 1731-1805
Miller, Philip
Miller, J.
Ehret, G.D.
et al

Figures of the most Beautiful, Useful and Uncommon Plants described in the Gardener’s Dictionary...

Antique botanical flower prints by miscellaneous artist in different mediums
Miscellaneous Artists
mixed sizes and mixed media (engravings, etchings, lithographs, etc.) from various sources

Tree prints (circa 1860s)

Abraham Munting botanical print from 1696
Munting, Abraham

Naauwkeurige Beschryving der Aardgewassen

Antique botanicals by Frederic Nodder
Nodder, Frederick Polydore

Naturalist's Miscellany
(1789-1813) and Flora Rustica (1792-1794)

Paxton's Magazine of Botany
Paxton, Joseph

The Magazine of Botany
Large, beautiful hand-colored restrike engravings of fruit by Poiteau
Poiteau, Pierre-Antoine

Hand-colored stipple engravings of fruit
Anne Pratt's
Pratt, Anne

The Flowering Plants
of Great Britain


Wild Flowers

1627 engraving from Daniel Rabel of Hyacinths
Rabel, Daniel

Theatrum Florae

J. Forbes Royle's
George Sinclair Grasses and Weeds
Sinclair, George

...Different Grasses...

James Soweby's English Botany
Sowerby, James

English Botany

Jacob George Strutt Trees
Strutt, Jacob George

Sylva Brittanica
Antique prints of miniature German plants
Sturm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Deutschlands Flora in Abbidldungen nach der Natur

Apples and Plums of New York
Taylor, H.V.

The Apples of England, The Plums of England
Wildflowers by Emma Homan Thayer
Thayer, Emma Homan

Wildflowers of the Pacific Coast (1887)

Wildflowers of the Rocky Mountains (1889)

Dr. Thornton's
Thornton, Dr. Robert John

The Temple of Flora

Flore des Serres et de la Jardins de l'Europe by Louis Van Houtte
van Houtte, Louis

Flore des Serres et des Jardins de L'Europe
(The Gardens of Europe)
Pierre Viala Grape chromolithographs
Viala, Pierre
Vermoral, Victor

illustrated by A. Kreyder and J. Troncy

Traité général de Viticulture. Ampélographie.
Vintage caledar art florals
Vintage Calendar Art Florals

Original vintage calendar prints / poster art of flowers and plants
(circa 1910s-1940s)

Mary Vaux Walcott's North American Wild Flowers
Walcott, Mary Vaux

North American
Wild Flowers
Elijah Walton's
Walton, Elijah

Flowers from
the Upper Alps


Joseph Weinmann botanical print of hyacinthes
Weinmann, Joseph

Phytanthoza Iconographie

The Wild Flowers of America 1894
Wild Flowers of America

The Botanical Fine Art Weekly
Ellen Willmott's Roses
Willmott, Ellen
Parsons, Alfred (artist)

The Genus Rosa
Alpine Plants by David Wooster
Wooster, David

Alpine Flowers

Wright, John

Miss May Rivers
and others

The Fruit Grower's Guide

1891-1894 Chromolithographs

1924 Offset lithographs

Lovely color lithograph prints of bouquets and flowers from turn-of-the 20th century
Wright, John

Miss Marie Low and
Miss Gertrude Hamilton

unidentified publication

Mushroom prints 1924-1934 Paris Konrad, Paul
Maublanc, André

Lechevalier, Paul

Icones Selectae Fungorum

Antique mushroom prints 1897 U.S. Department of Agriculture

Yearbook U.S. Department of Agriculture
Mushrooms (1897)
Antique fern lithographs from Rothschild, J. (editor)

Les Fougères
Antique fern lithographs
(Paris, 1867)
Antique Fern Prints from Hibbard, Shirley

The Fern Garden
Antique fern lithographs
(London, 1870)

Flowers of the Field, 1880 Flowers of the Field

Flowers of the Field
(circa 1880-1910)
Fruit prints from US Dept of Agriculture 1903 U.S. Department of Agriculture

Yearbook U.S. Department of Agriculture 1903
Fruit, etc. (printed 1904)
Vintage Jean Louis Prevost floral prints Prevost, Jean Louis

Vintage Prevost floral bouquet prints

(published circa 1930s-1940s by Sidney Z Lucas, NY)

Pierre-Joseph Redoute roses Redouté, Pierre-Joseph

Vintage Redouté Roses and other flowers

(circa 1940-50s prints)
Vintage floral bouquet lithographs from 1939
Vintage Floral lithographs

Original chromolithographs of bouquets

D'Orbigny botanical prints 1860

D'Orbigny, Charles

Dictionnaire Universel d'Histoire Naturelle
(circa 1860s)

original Imao Keinen 1885 woodblock prints

Imao Keinen

Imao Keinen Kacho-ga (birds and flowers) original woodblock prints (circa 1885)

Imao Keinen Kacho-ga bird and flower Japanese woodblock prints
Imao Keinen

Birds and Flowers of All Seasons

Antique prints of tree leaves New York Fisheries, Game and Forests Commission

Stunning arts and crafts botanicals by Isabel Adams (1910)

Adams, Isabel

Wild Flowers of the British Isles

Stunning Arts and Crafts botanicals

original vintage flower prints prevost and others 1940-1950s

Miscellaneous original vintage floral prints (circa 1940s-1950s)

Beautiful vintage floral prints by Jean-Louis Prevost and others

large antique vegetable prints album Vilmorin

Large Vegetable Prints (fine reproductions circa 1970s-1980s of Album Vilmorin prints from the 1860-80s)

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