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Horticultural Transactions by W. Hooker

Original Hand-coloured Lithographs over 165 years old

Sheet size: approx. 8 ½ x 11 ½ inches. Image size varies.
(note: entire image may not fit on scanner)

"Gladiolus tristi-hirsutus"
"Gladiolus blandus"
"Gladiolus tristis"

Chrysanthemum Indicum, flore pleno
"Chrysanthemum Indicum, flore pleno"

Menopsis conspicua
"Menopsis conspicua"

The Quilled-flamed Yellow Chrysanthemum
"The Quilled-flamed Yellow Chrysanthemum"

Passiflora caruleo-racemosa
"Passiflora caruleo-racemosa"