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"The Works of James Gillray from the Original Plates with the Addition of Many Subjects Not Before Collected"

published by Henry G. Bohn, London
written by Charles Whiting

Original Copperplate Engravings/Etchings over 170 years old from Gillray's "Suppressed Series"

Full Sheet Size: approximately 19.125 x 24.75 inches (about 48 x 63 cm)
Image size varies from engraving to engraving. Minor age toning, foxing, staining, etc. are to be expected. Please examine plate by clicking on the thumbnail images provided below.

The Grand Signor Retiring

Description (from

The Princess of Wales (left), candle in hand, approaches the bed of the Prince, who wakes up, raising his hands in dismay. Lady Jersey (here, an attractive woman, cf. BMSat 8811) is asleep, her head on the Prince's shoulder, her arms round his neck. The distressed Princess wears a coronet and triple ostrich plume, her right arm is flung back. Behind her (left) is an open door through which is seen the baby princess in a cradle ornamented with the Prince's feathers, with which his bed is also decorated. On the twisting draperies of the bed is the star of the Garter. Above the Princess's head hangs a 'Map of the Road back to Brunswick'.

24 May 1796


The Jersey Smuggler Detected

Description (from

The Prince of Wales, very fat and pompous, in night-cap, dressing-gown, and slippers, walks in profile along a corridor leading from his own door (right), above which are his coronet and feathers, towards that of Lady Jersey, which is wide open and reveals its occupant holding apart the bed-curtains with a gap-toothed grin. Lord Jersey, dwarfish, shambling, and elderly, dressed in nightcap and night-shirt (on which is a 'J' with a coronet), stands by the door, holding a candle and pointing to the bed; he raises his night-cap deferentially to the Prince, who says, with contemptuous arrogance, 'va-t-en' (see BMSat 8809). The Prince walks on a fringed strip of carpet. On the open door behind Lord Jersey is 'A [torn] Map of the Road into the Harbour of Jer[sey]'; the islands of 'Guernsey, Alderney, Sark and [Je]rsey' are depicted, with a route leading to Jersey (cf. BMSat 8810).

25 May 1796


original james gillray etchings suppressed The Grand Signor Retiring

The Jersey Smuggler Detected

Plates 33, 34

(another of Gillray's "naughty" engravings, published in a separate volume as to not offend delicate ladies' sensibilities.)

Sheet size is approximately 19.125 x 24.75 inches (about 48 x 63 cm)
(Blank verso)

Please examine the enlarged plates by clicking on the thumbnail image above.
Minor age toning, foxing, staining, etc. are to be expected with paper of this age and type.

The Grand Signor Retiring

The Jersey Smuggler Detected


some foxing





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