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Satire and Comedy Prints

Genuine original antique and vintage prints of satire, cartoons, comedy, humour, caricature, irony, etc.

Cecil Aldin prints

Aldin, Cecil

Color prints from an unidentified publication
(circa 1890)

Old Inns (1921)


Henry Alken humorous prints from the 1800s

Alken, Henry

Symptoms of Being Amused (1822)

Illustrations to Popular Songs (1823)

Sporting Prints
(circa 1830)

Jorrocks' Jaunts and Jollities (1874)

H.K. Browne

Browne, Hablot Knight (a.k.a. "Phiz")

Dickens Illustrations:

A Tale of Two Cities

Bleak House

David Copperfield

Dombey & Son

Little Dorrit

Martin Chuzzlewit

Nicholas Nickleby

Our Mutual Friend
[illustrated by Marcus Stone, not Phiz]

Pickwick Papers

Miscellaneous Dickens (and other) illustrations (unknown publication, circa 1870)

Hawbuck Grange; or, The Sporting Adventures of Thomas Scott, Esq. (1892, with W.T. Maud) written by Robert Smith Surtees

Mr. Facey Romford's Hounds (1865 with John Leech) written by Robert Smith Surtees

Character Sketches from Charles Dickens Portrayed by Kyd (Joseph Clayton Clarke)
Some Well-Known Characters from the Works of Charles Dickens Illustrations by Kyd (Joseph Clayton Clarke)


Cruikshank etchings

Cruikshank etchings
(Isaac Robert, George, George Jr.)

Eccentric Excursions or, Literary & Pictorial Sketches of Countenance, Character & Country in different parts of England & South Wales(1801)

Miscellaneous 19th Century hand-coloured cartoons by Cruikshank, Heath, Denbigh and others

Miscellaneous 19th Century uncoloured cartoons primarily by the Cruikshanks

Life in London

My Sketch Book

The Cruikshankian Momus (1892)

Dickens Illustrations
Sketches with Boz (1836-1839)

Honoré Daumier's

Daumier, Honoré

Les Gens de Justice (1959)

Richard Dighton etchings 1820s

Dighton, Richard

A London Nuisance series, caricatures of prominent Londoners of the day

Thomas Maclean cartoons

Doyle, John ('HB')
McLean's, publisher

HB Sketches, Political Sketches of HB, etc.

James Gillray etchings

Gillray, James

The Works of James Gillray...
(1847 Bohn edition)

Henry Heath Demonology & Witchcraft etchings from circa 1840

Heath, Henry

The Caricaturist's Scrap Book
(circa 1840)

Omnium – Gatherum

The Art of Tormenting

Old Way's and New Ways [sic]

Scenes in London

Sayings & Doings

Nautical Dictionary

Demonology & Witchcraft

William Heath caricatures and cartoons

Heath, William

Caricatures and cartoons from various sources(1800s)

Hillingdon Hall; or, The Cockney Squire, A Tale of Country Life (1888, with Wildrake and Jellicoe also illustrating)

authentic William Hogarth prints

Hogarth, William

The Works of William Hogarth

various editions – Cook, Heath, lifetime Hogarth, etc.

John Leech etchings

Leech, John

The Comic History of England

The Comic History of Rome

Mr. Sponge's Sporting Tour

Handley Cross; or, Mr. Jorrocks's Hunt (1854)

Mr. Facey Romford's Hounds
(1865) [with Hablot K. Browne, AKA "Phiz"]

Follies of the Year
(circa 1860s)

Ask Mamma; or, The Richest Commoner in England (1858)

Plain or Ringlets? (1860)

John Leech's etchings, from 'Jack Brag' by Theodore Edward Hook; from 'Christopher Tadpole' by Albert Smith; from 'Hector O'Halloran', by W.H. Maxell(1870)

also, various black and white Punch cartoons

British satirical caricatures cartoons miscellaneous

Miscellaneous British cartoons, caricatures, satirical drawings, etc., from the 19th Century

Punch, or the London Charivari

Punch, or the London Charivari (1840s-1935)

Punch cartoons

Parliamentary Views from Punch by Harry Furniss
(1885, limited edition of only 1000)

People in Punch

Thomas Rowlandson etchings of Dr. Sytax

Rowlandson, Thomas

The Tours of Dr. Syntax

Poetical Sketches of Scarsborough

The English Dance of Death

The Dance of Life

Scenes in London, 19th century hand-colored cartoons

Scenes in London

hand-colored engravings (possibly by Robert Seymour) depicting life in London—from an unknown 19th century publisher

Seymour's Humorous Sketches

Seymour, Robert

Seymour's Humorous Sketches
(1866 Bohn edition, black and white engravings)

Seymour's Humorous Sketches (1878 Routledge edition hand-coloured engravings)

Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair Magazine

(also known as "Spy" prints)

One of the largest collections in the world!

Comical French Characters

Comical French Characters

Ces Messieurs Travestissements Fantaisistes (circa 1860)

Vintage postcards circa 1930s-1940s Humorous vintage postcards
(circa 1930s-1940s)
  Heads of the People, or Portraits of the English (1878)

Heads of the People, or Portrait of the English drawn by Kenny Meadows

Charles Dana Gibson pen and ink satire prints

Drawings of Charles Dana Gibson

'The Gibson Girl' and other turn-of-the-century scenes

(circa 1894-1908)

  Imagerie d'Epinal original hand-coloured cartoons Imagerie d'Epinal original hand-coloured cartoons (circa 1860-1890)

Wonderful Eccentric Characters

The Book of Wonderful Characters
Memoirs and Anecdotes of
Remarkable and Eccentric Persons in All Ages and Countries

Wilson and Caulfield, circa 1869-1870


Antique illustrations of British Humor, Literature illustrations, etc.

Antique British Humour, Illustrations from Literature, Cartoons, etc.

illustrations by Tenniel, Thackeray, Leech, and others from miscellaneous 19th-century sources


Rare prints and maps...Since 1918! Click here to go to Darvill's home page.
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