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The Naturalist's Library

Sir William Jardine (publisher) • Wm. Lizars (principal engraver)
1830s-1840s, London & Edinburgh

Original hand-coloured engravings over 170 years old
Sheet size: approximately 3.5 x 6.5 inches.

Wonderful for small walls or intimate spaces. They also make great groupings of 3 or 5!

These vibrant prints are from the Ichthyology volumes of The Naturalist's Library.  Sir William Jardine, who edited the series, commissioned experts throughout Europe to author each of the 40 volumes organized by four major topics — mammals, birds, insects, and fish.  The volumes included over 1300 hand-coloured plates produced from engravings by William Lizars, the eminent Scottish engraver and painter of topographical views.

Please click on thumbnails below for a better look at each print.
(The digital watermark on images deters image theft and does not appear on actual print.)

The Great Sea Serpent
Plate 29
The Great Sea Serpent
(according to Pontoppidon)

The Great Sea Serpent according to Hans Egede
Plate 28
The Great Sea Serpent
(according to Hans Egede)


Sea Lion of the South Seas
Plate 18
The Sea Lion of the South Seas
(according to Forster)


Sea Elephant female
Plate ?
Phoca Proboscidea or
Sea Elephant, female

Elephant Seal
Plate 16
Phoca Proboscidea or
Elephant Seal (male)

Pennant's Pied Seal
Plate 6
Phoca Bicolor
Pennant's Pied Seal


Mitred Seal
Plate 15
Phoca Mitrata
Mitred Seal

North Sea

Sea Leopard
Plate 12
Phoca Leopardina
Sea Leopard


Crested Seal
Plate 14
The Crested Seal

Otaria Ursina
Plate 25
Otaria Ursina
Greenland Seas

These are all of the
Sea Serpent, Seals,
and Sea Lion prints we
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