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Antique & Vintage Natural History Prints

Original antique and vintage prints of natural history subjects: animals, wildlife, sea life, fish, etc. Please also see the Ornithology category for antique and vintage prints of bird subjects. Categories such as masterpiece art, sporting, and others may also contain prints of animals.

Audubon Quadrupeds of America

John James

Birds of America
(First edition Royal Octavo: 1840-44)

of America

(First edition Royal Octavo: 1849-54)

Captain Brown Shells

Captain Thomas

Land & Fresh Water Conchology of Great Britain and Ireland

Comte de Buffon's mammals

Buffon, Comte de
(George Louis LeClerc)

Buffon's Complete Works (1827) and Buffon's Natural History (1834)

(mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, etc.)

Cassell's Dogs and Horses

Cassell, Petter,
Galpin & Co.

Illustrated Book of the Dog (Vero Shaw)

The Book of the Horse
(S. Sidney) (1870s)

Cabinet of Quadrupeds (1805) hand-colored engravings of animals

Church, John
Ibbetson, Julius
Tookey, J.

A Cabinet of Quadrupeds

Ackermann's Repository of Arts

Ackermann's Repository of Arts

Fish and Game Birds

Jonathan Couch Fish

Couch, Jonathan

A History of the Fishes (1862-65)

Donovan Shells

Donovan, E.

The Natural History of British Shells

D'Orbigny natural history engravings

D'Orbigny, Charles

Dictionnaire Universel d'Histoire Naturelle
(circa 1860s)

Astronomy & Meteorology (Comets, planets, stars, etc.)

Ethnography (Antique prints of Africans, Asians, Extinct Indian Tribe, Anatomy, etc.)

Mammals (Antique prints of elephant, hippo, lion, monkey, whale, jaguar, and more)

Birds by Travies (Antique prints of jay, eagle, owl, waxwing, rooster, pelican, etc.)

Reptiles (Antique prints of snakes, turtles, salamanders, lizards, and more)

Fish, Sea Creatures and Shells (Antique prints of lobster, crab, sea shells, fish, etc.)

Insects (Antique prints of Butterflies, Moths, Beetles, Bees, Spiders, etc.)

Botanicals (Antique prints of tulip, dragon tree, carnation, passion flower, stapelia, bird of paradise, and more)

Butterflies and Moths of Europe from 1779

Ernst, J.J.
Engramelle, M.D.J.

Papillons d'Europe...

British Fresh-Water Fishes by Houghton

Houghton, Wm., Reverend
after Lydon, A.F.

British Freshwater Fishes (1879)

The river scenes from above

Samuel Howitt etchings

Howitt, Samuel

Howitt's miscellaneous Etchings, old & new

Barnyard scenes, cows, sheep, pigs, dogs, chickens, etc.

Humphreys British Moths 1849

Oliver Goldsmith mammals, reptiles, etc.

Goldsmith, Oliver

A History of the Earth and Animated Nature
(1850, 1862)

Butterfly chromolithographs

Unidentified Source

Butterflies, Moths,
(circa 1880)

Naturalist's Library engravings of mammalia

Jardine's Naturalist's Library engravings

Original shell engravings from 1784 Thomas Martyn

Martyn, Thomas

Figures of Non Descript Shells, Collected in the different Voyages to the South Seas
Martyn's Natural History

MacKenzie/Lowry mammalia

MacKenzie (publisher)

The Museum of Natural History
(circa 1850)


Antique cow prints from 1887

MacKenzie, William (publisher)

Royal Agriculture Society prints of cows

Reverend Francis Orpen Morris Butterflies and Moths
Smellie / Count Buffon animals

Partington, Charles

British Cyclopaedia of Natural History

Gorgeous shell prints from 1811 by George Perry
Vintage sea shell prints from 1945

Roberts, Paul

Wonders of the Sea:


Sportsman's Repository (Horses) 1845

Scott, John

The Sportsman's Repository


Sportsman's Repository (Horses) 1845

Scott, John

The Sportsman's Repository


Shaw and Nodder prints

Shaw, George
Nodder, Frederick
Nodder, Robert P.

The Naturalist's Miscellany


Butterflies, Moths, Spiders, Insects










George Shaw engravings

Shaw, George

Zoological Lectures,
delivered to the
Royal Institution



Reptiles, Snakes, Amphibians

Fish, Whales, Eels

Sealife, Shells, microscopic

Insects, Moths, Spiders

See also Birds

M.E. Bloch fish from Encyclopaedia Londinensis 1796-1828

Wilkes, John
Bloch, M.E.

Encyclopaedia Londinensis

Denton fish from 1896

Denton, Sherman Foote
Fuertes, Luis Aggasiz,
Gillette, W.B.,
Ridgway, J.L.,
Watson, Hy W. and others

New York Fisheries, Game and Forests Commission

New York Fisheries, Game and Forests Commission

New York Fisheries, Game and Forests Commission

New York Fisheries, Game and Forests Commission

New York Fisheries, Game and Forests Commission

Report upon United States Geographical Surveys West of the One Hundreth Meridian...
Color etchings of dogs by Paul Wood

Wood, Paul

Color etchings
of dogs
(circa 1935)

Wyman and Sons lithographs of animals
Wyman & Sons lithographs

Lloyd's Natural History
(circa 1890s)

Lions, Leopards,
Tigers, Felines

Monkeys, Apes,

See also Birds

Antique butterfly and insect prints

Birds and Nature Magazine
Mumford, 1899-1904

Antique butterfly and moth prints from Birds and Nature Magazine

Antique bird prints from Birds and Nature Magazine

Antique prints of mammals, reptiles, etc from Birds and Nature Magazine

Antique butterfly prints, circa 1890-1910

Butterflies and Flowers

Antique butterfly prints from an unidentified source, circa 1890-1910

Miscellaneous vintage and antique dog prints


Miscellaneous prints from unidentified sources

Animal lithographs circa 1897

Forest Animals

Antique animal chromolithographs from an unidentified source, circa 1897

Vintage Walter Alois Weber prints, circa 1930s-1940s


Vintage wildlife prints by Francis Lee Jaques, circa 1930s-1940s


Vintage Percy Reeves animal prints, circa 1940s

Domestic and Wild Animals

Vintage animal and wildlife prints, circa 1900-1940s

Domestic and Wild Animals

Miscellaneous prints of animals from various, unidentified sources, circa 1900-1940s

Harmsworth Natural History, Lydekker, circa 1910


Harmsworth Natural History, Lydekker, circa 1910-1930

John S. Crawford wildlife photos

North American Wildlife photos

from "At Home with the High Ones" portfolio of wildlife photos by John S. Crawford (1974)

Eldridge Hardie framed trout and fly fishing flies

Eldridge Hardie

Framed vintage signed, limited edition trout prints with fly-fishing flies by Eldridge Hardie (1970)

Trout Fly-fishing in America (Southard, 1914)

Charles Zibeon Southard

Illustrations by H.H. Leonard

Trout Fly-fishing in America

A Compendium of the Anatomy of the Human Body (1800)

Andrew Fyfe

A Compendium of the Anatomy of the Human Body

antique human anatomy prints

H. Newell Martin, D.Sc., M.A., F.R.S.

The Human Body

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