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Meyers Konversation: Lexikon
published in Leipzig and Wien by Bibliographisches Institut

Meyers Konversations-Lexikon was a major German encyclopedia that existed in various editions from 1839 until 1984,
when it merged with the Brockhaus encyclopedia.

Joseph Meyer (1796-1856), who had founded the publishing house Bibliographisches Institut in 1826,
intended to issue a universal encyclopaedia meant for a broad public: people having a general knowledge as well as businessmen, technicians and scholars,
considering contemporary works like those of Pierer and Brockhaus to be superficial or obsolete.


Original color lithographs (chromolithographs)
Sheet size: 12¼ x 9½ inches (double page prints with folds, as issued) or about 32 x 24 cm
6¼ x 9½ inches (single page prints) or aout 16 x 24 cm

German Titles

Please click on thumbnails for enlarged view.
(Please note: the double page prints are too large to scan entirely; margins are full.)

Birds of Paradise

[Birds of Paradise]





(double page with centerfold)

doves, pigeons

[Doves, Pigeons]

(double page with centerfold)

Birds of Prey

[German birds of prey]

(double page with centerfold; note black specks in sky from original lithographic printing)

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