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Zoological Lectures, delivered to the Royal Institution
by George Shaw (1800-1819)

Mrs. Griffith, principal engraver
Original 200-year-old copperplate engravings • titles mainly English, some Latin

Sheet size: approx. 5½ x 9¼ inches. (see enlargements for any flaws)

George Shaw (1751-1813) was a notable English botanist and zoologist. Shaw was a initially a medical practitioner. He became the assistant lecturer in botany at Oxford University and keeper of the natural history department at the British Museum. He was a co-founder of the Linnean Society was a fellow of the Royal Society. He is also well known these days for the colored prints of animals he published in The Naturalist's Miscellany with Mr. Nodder.

Phalaena Vinula

Plate 1
Phalaena Vinula

Fulgora Lanternaria

Plate 116
Fulgora Lanternaria

Sphinx Moth

Plate 119
Sphinx Moth

Ephemera insect

Plate 121
larvae, etc.

The Bird-Catching Spider

Plate 123
Aranea avicularia
(The Bird-Catching Spider)

Great Nereis

Plate 126
Great Nereis

Chiton Squamosus

Plate 148
Chiton Squamosus

We have many more of Shaw's copperplate engravings
(this is all of Shaw's insects that we have, however)
...please see the Natural History page for Shaw's fish, reptiles, mammals, etc.
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