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The Fruit-Grower's Guide (1924)

by Reverend Wright

Original Offset Lithographs, 95 years old, NOT modern reproductions

Sheet size approximately 7 x 10.75 inches.

(click here for the 1891-1894 chromolithograph prints)

Black Hamburgh, etc.
Black Hamburgh
Buckland Sweetwater
Black Alicante


Mrs. Prince's Muscat, etc.
Mrs. Prince's Muscat
Royal Muscadine
Chasselas Vibert
Foster's Seedling
Mrs. Pearson
Gros Maroc


Cox's Orange Pippin, etc.
Cox's Orange Pippin
Syke House Russet
Scarlet Golden Pippin


Lane's Prince Albert, etc.
Lane's Prince Albert
Allen's Everlasting
Chelmsford Wonder


Newton Wonder, etc.
Newton Wonder
Striped Beefing

Eclinville, etc.
Bramley's Seedling
Duchess of Oldenburg
Ribston Pippin


Morello, etc.
Late Black Bigarreau
Bigarreau Nor de Gueben
May Duke

Early Rivers
Early Rivers


Alexandra Noblesse, etc.
Alexandra Noblesse
Royal George
Crimson Galande


Royal, etc.
Grosse Peche
Large Early


Victoria Red, etc.
Victoria Red
White Dutch
Black Naples


Angler, etc.
Whinham's Industry

Yellow Champagne, etc.

Yellow Champagne
Red Champagne
Pitmaston Green Gage
Green Gage
Red Warrington


Jefferson, etc.

Coe's Golden Drop
Pond's Seedling

Easter Beurre, etc.

Easter Beurre
Nouvelle Fulvie
Olivier de Serres


Pitmaston Duchess, etc.

Pitmaston Duchess



Varieties of Strawberries

Frogmore late Pine
Vicomtesse Héricart de Thury
Sir Joseph Paxton




(click here for the 1891-1894 Fruit-Grower's Guide chromolithograph prints)

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