Mr. H.S. Foster
Mr. H.S. Foster
July 24, 1907
"The Fisherman's Friend"
SPY (Leslie Ward)
Biographical Text
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Condition notes
Very good/Excellent: There is a white 'scratch' to the left of the figure's left-most shoulder. It is not terribly noticeable and appears to have occured during the printing process over 100 years ago. Faint smudges/toning in margins.
NOTE: this print is not a stone lithograph like so many of the Vanity Fair prints. During certain times in the late years of the magazine, the publishers used the (then) fairly new process of halftone offset lithography. In this case the printers were Bemrose Dalziel, LTD of London. Under magnification, the print does have halftone dots, but is not a modern reproduction—it is an authentic, original print over 100 years old, guaranteed.

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