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Fores's Sporting Notes & Sketches

Darvill's Rare Prints is pleased to offer a huge selection of lithographs from
"Fores's Sporting Notes & Sketches, a Quarterly Magazine Descriptive of British, Indian, Colonial, and Foreign Sport."

These prints are from Fores's Sporting Notes and Sketches, an English quarterly magazine
published from 1884 through the early 1900s. It contained articles and stories about sports
at home and abroad, including equestrian, sailing, hunting, fishing, golf.
Please refer to the Sporting Prints page for a list of the available categories.
Each issue included eight-full page duotoned lithographs.

Duotone Lithographs
Sheet size: approximately 8 1/2 x 5 9/16 inches (about 21.7 x 14.2 cm)

Horse Racing, Steeplechase, misc. horse sports

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Escape loses
"Escape loses"

In front and she just managed to stay there
"In front and she just managed to stay there"

Roulette by a neck!
"Roulette by a neck!"

One way of starting them
"One way of starting them"

The Derby
"The Derby"

Old Splash has won right enough this time
"Old Splash has won right enough this time"

Here comes the Lamb
"Here comes the Lamb"

The Lamb wins!
"The Lamb wins!"

The mare declines to make a Waiting race of it
"The Mare declines to make a Waiting race of it"

Came thundering in
"Came thundering in"

Goodwood 1901 The Stewards Cup
"Goodwood 1901
The Stewards Cup"

The sharp bend brings disaster
"The sharp bend brings disaster"

Surefoot wins!
"Surefoot wins!"

Just too late
"Just too late"

Runs very well! but devilish slow
"Runs very well! but devilish slow"


The Tan Gallop
"The Tan Gallop"

A Cottenham finish
"A Cottenham finish"


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