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Antique and vintage prints of sports

Genuine antique and vintage prints of sports, hunting, fox hunting, steeplechase, fishing, camping, etc.

Henry Alken's Sporting Prints

Henry Alken

Sporting Prints (1830)

Humorous prints of British sporting

Fores's Hunting Accomplishments
(Thomas McLean, 1823)

A delightful original fishing print.

Fores's Hunting Sketches
(large, hand-coloured restrike engraving from the original 1859 plate)

A stunning fox hunting print.

Reverend Daniel's Rural Sports

Daniel, Rev. William B.

Rural Sports (1801-17)

Hunting scenes, fishing, game birds and animals, hunting dogs, etc.

Sportsman's Repository engravings of horses and dogs

Scott, John

The Sportsman's Repository

Horses and Dogs.

Fores's Series of Fox Hunting prints after H.K. Browne

Fores's Series (1863)

Hunting and Sporting hand coloured lithographs from H.K. Browne ("Phiz")

Fores's Sporting Notes and Sketches

Fores's Sporting Notes
& Sketches

Cricket, Golf, Polo, Rugby, Billiards, Curling, etc.

Dogs, Dog fighting, Sled Dogs, Wolves, etc.

Fighting: Cock, Dog, Boxing, etc.

Fishing, Water Rescue

Horse Racing, Steeplechase, various horse sports


Sailing, Ice Boats, Rowing, etc.


(with horses)

Orme's Foreign Field Sports by S. Howitt – 1813

Orme's Foreign Field Sports
Samuel Howitt

Gorgeous hand-coloured aquatint engravings of exotic hunting and sporting scenes.

Orme's Collection of British Field Sports (1955-57)

Orme's Collection of British Field Sports Illustrated
Charles W. Traylen, publisher

Large fine art quality 1950s facsimiles of sporting prints by Samuel Howitt

Sports and Pastimes of the People of England by Joseph Strutt (1810) 2nd edition Joseph Strutt
Sports and Pastimes of the People of England: Including the Rural and Domestic Recreations, May-games, Mummeries, Pageants, Processions, and Pompous Spectacles, from the earliest period to the present time: Illustrated by Engravings selected from Ancient Paintings; in which are represented most of the Popular Diversions
British Sporting Prints by Ariel Press (1955)

British Sporting Prints
The Ariel Press (1955)

Large fine art quality 1950s reproductions of sporting prints by notables such as Alken, Pollard, Barenger, F.C. Turner, Stubbs, and Paul.

British Steeplechasing and Horse Racing

Racing at Home & Abroad
British Steeplechasing

Charles Richardson (1927)

Beautiful velvety photogravures from the rare limited edition of only 700 copies.

Fishing rivers of England, Scotland and Wales

British Fresh-water Fishes
Rev. Wm. Houghton, author and A.F. Lydon, illustrator (1879)

Hand-coloured and black and white wood engravings of famous fishing rivers in England, Scotland, and Wales

The Noble Science of fox hunting

The Noble Science: a Few General Ideas on Fox Hunting
F.P. Delmé Radcliffe (1875)

Hand-coloured etchings of fox hunting scenes.

Famous Sporting Prints (Fox Hunting) from 1927

Famous Sporting Prints

"The Studio" Limited (1927)

Nice early 20th century "Blackmore Tintex Prints" of fox hunting scenes.

Vintage fox hunting prints from the 1910s-1940s

Large, original prints after famous sporting artists

Vintage hunting, fishing, camping prints

Vintage fishing prints

Game bird hunting 1946

Vintage Game Bird Hunting
(The Field & Stream Portfolio,
Gunning in America,
A. Lassell Ripley prints, 1947)

Ducks, Geese, Grouse, Pheasant, Quail, Woodcock

Vintage hunting prints 1910s-1940s

Vintage hunting prints: bear, moose, elk, deer, buffalo, etc.

Equestrian prints from Cassell's Book of the Horse

Cassell's 'The Book of the Horse' (circa 1870-75)

Equestrian woodblock engravings

The Book of the Horse color prints

Cassell's 'The Book of the Horse' (circa 1870-75)

Chromolithographs of horses, riders, fox hunters, etc.


Lynn Bogue Hunt Fishing prints 1946 Field & Stream Portfolio

Vintage Fishing Prints
(The Field & Stream Portfolio,
Fishing in America,
Lynn Bogue Hunt prints, 1946)

Muskalonge, Rainbow Trout, Largemouth Bass, Striped Bass, Tarpon, Sailfish

Favorite Flies and Their Histories 1892 Mary Orvis Marbury

Favorite Flies and Their Histories
(Mary Orvis Marbury, 1892)

Stunning chromolithographs of Salmon Flies, Trout Flies, Bass Flies, Lake Flies, etc., from 1892

Fishing with the Fly
(C.F. Orvis, 1885)

135+-year-old color lithographs of Salmon Flies, Trout Flies, Bass Flies, Lake Flies, etc., from 1885

Matador, Bullfighting prints Tuser

Matadors, Bullfighting
(Tuser, circa 1950-1960s)

Vibrant vintage prints after paintings by Tuser

Denton fish from 1896

Denton, Sherman Foote
Fuertes, Luis Aggasiz
Gillette, W.B.
Ridgway, J.L.
Watson, Hy W. and others

New York Fisheries, Game and Forests Commission

New York Fisheries, Game and Forests Commission

New York Fisheries, Game and Forests Commission

New York Fisheries, Game and Forests Commission

New York Fisheries, Game and Forests Commission

AB Frost sporting prints

Fishing, Hunting, etc.

Antique prints of fishing, hunting, and rural life by A.B. Frost

Classic Shorebird Decoys limited edition prints 1971

Milton C. Weiler

Classic Shorebird Decoys
(Limited edition 240/975, 1971)

North American Wildlife Photos by John S. Crawford

North American Wildlife photos

from "At Home with the High Ones" portfolio of wildlife photos by John S. Crawford (1974)


fishing and sporting prints 1904-1907

Hy S Watson

Fishing and Hunting scenes from the Forest, Fish & Game Commissioner's Report



Sir Edwin Landseer sporting prints

Sir Edwin Landseer prints

Engravings, heliotypes and photogravures (1849-1890)

Trout Fly-fishing in America (Southard, 1914)

Charles Zibeon Southard
Illustrations by H.H. Leonard

Trout Fly-fishing in America

Eldridge Hardie framed trout and fly fishing flies

Eldridge Hardie

Framed vintage signed, limited edition trout prints with fly-fishing flies by Eldridge Hardie (1970)

British Sport Past and Present (ltd ed 1909) British Sport Past and Present

Illustrations by G. Denholm Armour
(limited edition of 500, 1909)

Fox Hunting, Deer & Bird Hunting, Polo, Horse Racing, Fishing, Falconry, etc.

antique hunting and fishing prints

Miscellaneous Antique Sporting chromolithographs

Original antique prints from 1889-1890 from a portfolio entitled Sport or Fishing and Shooting

antique prints of animals, people with animals, hunting, etc.

Miscellaneous Antique Prints with Animals, Animals with People, Hunting Scenes

Original antique prints from mostly 19th-century sources

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