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Fores's Sporting Notes & Sketches

Darvill's Rare Prints is pleased to offer a huge selection of lithographs from
"Fores's Sporting Notes & Sketches, a Quarterly Magazine Descriptive of
British, Indian, Colonial, and Foreign Sport."

These prints are from Fores's Sporting Notes and Sketches, an English quarterly magazine
published from 1884 through the early 1900s. It contained articles and stories about sports
at home and abroad, including equestrian, sailing, hunting, fishing, golf.
Please refer to the Sporting Prints page for a list of the available categories.
Each issue included eight-full page duotoned lithographs.

Duotone Tinted Lithographs with goldish background that varies somewhat in coloration
(any black and white prints are offset lithographs)
Sheet size: approximately 8 1/2 x 5 9/16 inches (about 21.7 x 14.2 cm)

Horse Racing, Steeplechase, misc. horse sports

(click thumbnail for enlarged view)

A queerish place!
"A queerish place!"

Floreat Etona!
"Floreat Etona!"

Topped the low fence
"Topped the low fence"

Violet & I cleared it in the handsomest style possible
"Violet & I cleared it in the handsomest style possible"

There was a crash
"There was a crash"

Away I went best pace
"Away I went best pace"

Landed with a scramble
"Landed with a scramble"

The defeat of Captain Cook
"The defeat of Captain Cook"

Odds on 'Bobby'
"Odds on 'Bobby'"
The Artillery Chases at Claydon

The Fly-by-Night Colt
"The Fly-by-Night Colt"

Pas trop vite! doucement! Messieurs!
"Pas trop vite! doucement! Messieurs!"

The race had resolved itself into a match
"The race had resolved itself
into a match"

Then the Highlanders gave a tearin' howl
"Then the Highlanders gave a tearin' howl"

Over he went like a bird!
"Over he went like a bird!"

Capital Run. Grass all the way
"Capital Run – Grass all the way"

His meritable crumpler
"His meritable crumpler"

Mind- if I pound you - you lose!
"Mind - if I pound you - you lose!"

Why don't yer start, Mister?
"Why don't yer start, Mister?"

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