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George Shaw and Frederick P. Nodder
The Naturalist's Miscellany 1789-1813, London

Original 200-year-old copperplate engravings with hand-colouring
Sheet size: varies according to trimming, but approx. 5.75 x 9.75 inches.
The paper varies from softly aged to quite white, with little or no foxing and excellent overall condition. 

Dedicated to the Most Illustrious Princess, Charlotte, Queen of Great Britain, The Naturalist's Miscellany contains works of such beauty and originality that it is beloved by all who see it. The prints are hand-colored engravings on strong Whatman paper, with the occasional Whatman watermark or date. The prints are in remarkable condition for a work that is 200 years old, with the colors of a beauty and vividness unsurpassed to this day in the world of hand-coloured prints. Darvill's Rare Prints is pleased to offer a selection of prints from this most curiously whimsical and humorous collection of prints.

Mammals       Birds     Reptiles      Frogs, Turtles      Snakes      Insects      Fish      Crabs      Corals      Sealife      Shells

Plate 17 Pipa
Plate 17

Pipa (Toad of Surinam)


Plate 76 Horned Frog
Plate 76

Horned Frog


Plate 200 Rana Australiaca
Plate 200

Australian Frog


Plate 287 ? Turtle
Plate 287

Turtle (no description avail.)

Plate 342 Mexican Tadpole
Plate 342

Mexican Tadpole


Plate 343 Mexican Tadpole
Plate 343

Mexican Tadpole


Plate 350 Paradoxical Frog Tadpole
Plate 350

Paradoxical Frog (Tadpole)


Plate 351 Paradoxical Frog
Plate 351

Paradoxical Frog


Green Frog plate 871

Plate 871

Green Frog

Fire Frog

Plate 984

Fire Frog


The Mephitic Toad

Plate 999

The Mephitic Toad



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