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Original William Heath etchings from miscellaneous sources

William Heath ('Paul Pry')

Watercolourist and caricaturist who worked mostly under the pseudonym of Paul Pry. He called himself 'Portrait and Military painter' and was reputed to be an 'ex-captain of dragoons' but is not recorded in the Army List. Heath began life as as a draughtsman and his main claim to fame rests on his having produced the first caricature magazine in Europe, The Glasgow later Northern Looking-Glass, 1825-26. Although this was a provincial work and without much text, it does pre-date Charles Philipon's similar publication. The height of his popularity fell between the years 1809-34, after which his humour was displaced by that of Robert Seymour and John Doyle. After this period he concentrated on topography and straight illustration.

[The Dictionary of British Book Illustrators and Caricaturists 1800-1914. Simon Houfe.]

At Home, pl. 2
(Click to enlarge. The Darvill's watermark does not appear on actual antique etching.)

At Home, pl. 2
A LA MODE 1829

Original hand-coloured etching by William Heath
Published T McLean 26 Haymarket
CONDITION: Very Good/Excellent. Mounted/matted with complementary-coloured mount/mat, as shown above.
Trimmed close to neat lines on left and right sides beneath matting. Other photos available if necessary.
Small damp spot in upper left corner. Nice bright, fresh colors.
Outer mount/mat size: 17 x 12.75 inches (43.1 x 32.4 cm)
Inner window dimensions: 14 x 9.675 inches (35.5 x 24.6 cm)
The Lady of the House
(click to enlarge)

The Lady of the House

That Georgena has certainly got the upper hand of me—she has such a way with her. I can't refuse her anything.

"For me, I am a Windsor dear and the fattest I think i' th' forest. —Shakspeare

William Heath
Published Oct 10 1829 by T McLean 26 Haymarket Sole Publisher of WHs Etchings
CONDITION: Fair. Overall toning, trimmed—especially left side. Paper loss upper left. Some spotting. See enlargement for best assessment.
Sheet size: 9.25 x 14 inches
Sketch of a General Officer
(click to enlarge)

Sketch of a General Officer commanding the insurgent troops on the 9th of November 1830. This dangerous person was captured with the whole of his Army—Arms—Ammuniton—Military chest stores &c. The Prisoners, 9 in number have been march'd to the Treadmill—the City remains Tranquil.

William Heath
Published 14 Nov 1830 by T McLean 26 Haymarket
CONDITION: Fair/Good. Light foxing upper image, paper loss and short tears around edges, trimmed. See enlargement for best assessment.
Sheet size: 9.875 x 13.875 inches
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