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Fashion and Decor prints
Genuine original antique and vintage fashion and decor prints. Click on the links below to see the offerings from those sources.
Gazette du Bon Ton art deco fashion prints from Paris

Gazette du Bon Ton

Parisian Art-Deco Fashion plates

Godey's Fashions from the 1860s

Godey's Fashion

American Fashion

Lacy's Dramatic Costumes

Lacy's Dramatic Costumes

National and Ethnic Fashion
through the ages

Ladies Treasury fashion prints

Ladies Treasury Magazine

Latest Paris Fashions

McIan's Clans of Scotland

McIan's Costumes of the Clans of Scotland

Scottish dress, tartans, etc.

Racinet's historical costumes and national dress throughout the ages

Racinet, August

"Le Costume Historique"

Dress and costume through the ages

Shaw's Dresses and Decorations of the Middle Ages

Shaw, Henry

"Dresses and Decorations of the Middle Ages"

Beau Monde fashion prints

The Beau Monde

1830s-1860s fashions, hats, etc.

Comical French Characters

Comical French Characters

Ces Messieurs Travestissements Fantaisistes (circa 1860)

Strutt's Dress and Habits of the People of England

Strutt, Joseph

"Dress and Habits of the People of England"

"The Regal and Ecclesiastical Antiquities of England" (1842)

The Costumes of England

Murray, John

English Costumes
(circa 1825)

Dalvimart's Costumes of Turkey

d'Alvimart, Octavien

The Costume of Turkey

The Military Costume of Turkey

Ackermann's Repository of Arts fashions

Ackermann's Repository of Arts


Early 19th century women's fashions

The Lady's Magazine (1811)

The Lady's Magazine


Early 19th century women's fashions

La Belle Assembleé - French fashion of the early 19th century

La Belle Assembleé


early 19th century fashions

Parisian Fashions

Parisian Fashions


Hand-coloured engravings from miscellaneous sources

Women's Fashion from the 1830s through 1850s

Women's Fashions


Hand-coloured engravings from an unidentified fashion magazine

West End Gazette men's fashions of 1867

West End Gazette


English Costumes for men

German ornaments and decorations

Bibliographisches Institut in Leipzig

Meyer's Konversations: Lexikon (1896)

German, Prussian, Austrian ornaments, decorations, crests, uniforms, etc.

Races of the World 1882 Blackie and Son

Races of the World

Races of the World from Blackie and Son's Comprehensive Atlas and Geography of the World

Fashion for Men magazine 1914-1915 San Francisco

Fashion for Men

early 20th century men's fashion magazine, published in San Francisco

1893 World's Expo Chicago

Chicago World's Columbian Exposition

Photo halftones of men and women from all over the world (1893)


Original hand-colored German photogravures

Hand-coloured German photogravure portraits from the early 20th century

Portraits of women, mothers with children, children. All hand-coloured photo engravings from circa 1910s-1930s. A few scenery/landscape images as well.

Victorian fashion, embroidery patterns, etc.

'Victorian' fashion prints, embroidery patterns, etc.

Original wood engravings of fashion, embroidery patterns, etc. from the mid- to late-1800s

French fashion etchings

French fashion etchings

Hand-colored etchings by the Paris Etching Society (Sydney Z. Lucas) after etchings from "La Mode Illustré," Musée des Familles," and "Petit Courrier des Dames." (circa 1930-1940)

William Hamilton months of the year

The months of the year

Hand-colored lithographs based on William Hamilton paintings. Published by Sidney Z. Lucas, circa 1930s-1940s.

French Colour-Prints of the XVIII Century

French Colour-Prints of the XVIII Century

Facsimile prints of famous 18th-century French paintings. Published in London in 1913.

Ancient dress of various countries

Ancient dresses of various countries

from Bankes's New System of Geography,
original copperplate engravings over 220 years old.

Charles Dana Gibson antique prints

Drawings of Charles Dana Gibson

'The Gibson Girl' and other turn-of-the-century scenes

(circa 1894-1908)


Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair "Spy" Prints

Victorian-era caricatures (1869-1915)

Bachelor Belles by Harrison Fisher (1908)

Bachelor Belles

Iconic turn-of-the-century fashionable women by famous American Illustrator Harrison Fisher


American Beauties by Harrison Fisher (1909)

American Beauties

Iconic turn-of-the-century American Beauties by famous American Illustrator Harrison Fisher


Thirty Favorite Paintings by Leadin American Artists Collier 1908

Thirty Favorite Paintings by American Artists

Iconic turn-of-the-century scenes by famous American Artists such as A.B. Frost, Harrison Fisher, Maxfield Parrish, Jessie Wilcox Smith, Howard Chandler Christy and many others


Japan prints from 1904

Japan, Her Strength and Her Beauty

(Collier and Son, 1904)


    The Girl's Own Paper Victorian fashion engravings

The Girl's Own Paper

original Victorian-era engravings


Greek, Roman, Arab, Hebrew dress and customs

Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Arab and Hebrew customs and costumes

(unidentified 19th-century publication)


Dancing Parisian Existentialists by Alcarez 1957

Chic Parisien

Gorgeous hand-colored 80+-year-old lithographs of the fashions of the day

(1934 and 1936)

Dancing Parisian Existentialists

vintage color prints after Alcarez paintings


/Miscellaneous 19th Century Women's Fashion plates as is

Miscellaneous 19th-Century Women's Fashion plates


Hand-coloured engravings from miscellaneous 19th-century fashion magazines like Peterson's Magazine and Ladies' Pocket Magazine

Mostly in rough, age-related condition – sold "as is"

antique art deco designs and patterns

Art Deco Patterns and Designs

(unidentified late-18th or early-19th-century publication)



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Rare prints and maps...Since 1918! Click here to go to Darvill's home page.


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