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Architecture & Design prints

Original Antique & Vintage architecture and design prints

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Buck's Castles

Buck, Samuel and Nathaniel

Buck’s Antiquities, or Venerable Remains of Above Four Hundred Castles, Monasteries, Palaces etc. in England and Wales

Art Nouveau designs by Alois Bohla ca. 1910s

Bohla, Alois

Neue Motive für Moderne

(circa 1910)

Art Nouveau designs

The Antiquities of Great Britain by Byrne and Hearne 1786-1807

Byrne, William and
Hearne, Thomas

The Antiquities of Great Britain...

Clutton's Medieval France

Clutton, Henry

Illustrations of Mediaeval
Architecture in France


Antiquities of Normandy by John Sell Cotman

Cotman, John Sell
Turner, Dawson

Architectural Antiquities of Normandy

George Cuitt etchings

Cuitt, George

Wanderings and Pencillings
amongst the Ruins of the Olden Time


Henry Davey's Beccles Church etchings, Suffolk Antiquities

Davey, Henry

A Set of Etchings Illustrative of Beccles Church and other Suffolk Antiquities

Dekorative Vorbilder Art Nouveau from Germany

Dekorative Vorbilder

Art Nouveau designs from


Ernest George France/Loire etchings

George, Ernest

Etchings on the Loire and in the South of France

Etchings in Belgium (1883)

F.L. Griggs etchings from 1926

Griggs, F.L.

Modern Masters of Etching —
F.L. Griggs, A.R.A., R.E.


Hooper's Antiquities of Ireland and Scotland


Antiquities of Ireland

Antiquities of Scotland

Ancient Domestic Architecture (England) by Burrell and Lamb

Lamb, Edward Buckton

Studies of Ancient
Domestic Architecture


Seats (Estates, mansions) of Noblemen in Great Britain

Morris, Rev. F.O.

Picturesque Views of Seats of Noblemen and Gentlemen
of Great Britain and Ireland


Mansions of England in the Olden Time by Joseph Nash

Nash, Joseph

The Mansions of England in the Olden Time (1869-72)

Nattes Scotia Depicta (Scotland Depicted)

Nattes, John C.
Fittler, James

Scotia Depicta(1804)   (Scotland)

Niven's Staffordshire Houses

Niven, W.

Illustrations of
Old Staffordshire Houses

Spanish architecture by Perez de Villa-Amil and P. de la Escosura

Perez de Villa-Amil, G. and
de la Escosura, P.

España artistica y monumental
(1842-1850) (Spain)

Petit, Victor

Châteaux de la Vallée de la Loire

Art Nouveau furniture pochoirs by Gustave Raynal

Raynal, Gustave

Meuble au XXieme Siècle
(ca. 1890-1910)
(Art Nouveau furniture)

Relton's sketches (zinc lithographs) of churches in England

Relton, H.E.

Sketches of Churches  (1843) (England)

Studies from Old English Mansions

Richardson, C.J.

Studies from Old English Mansions  (1841-48)

The Art of EA Rickards

Rickards, Edwin Alfred

The Art of E.A. Rickards

Specimens of Ancient Furniture by Henry Shaw (1836)

Shaw, Henry

Specimens of Ancient Furniture

Skelton's etchings of the antiquities of Bristol

Skelton, J.
O'Neill, Hugh

Skelton's Etchings of the Antiquities of Bristol

Bernard Smith sketches in Spain, Algiers, Germany, Switzerland

Smith, Bernard

Sketches Abroad, Germany and Switzerland (1876)

Sketches Abroad, Spain, Algiers

Antiquities of Westminster by John T. Smith

Smith, John T.

Antiquities of Westminster (1804-09)

Tytler's History of Scotland


History of Scotland (1841)

Arts and Crafts architecture circa 1910

Wolfrum & Co.

Architectural elevations, plans, renderings
(circa 1910)

Ackermann's Repository of Arts 1809-1810

Ackermann's Repository of Arts, Literature, Commerce, Manufactures, Fashions and Politics


Landmark Buildings
(Mostly in London)

Miscellaneous furniture, decorative elements, fabric swatches, etc.


Fish & Game Birds

Hugh Clark's Concise History of Knighthood (1784)

Clark, Hugh

A Concise History of Knighthood. Containing the Religious and Military Orders which have been instituted in Europe. (1784)

Pacific Northwest Washington & Oregon views and buildings
History of the Pacific Northwest: Oregon and Washington
Antique photogravures of Paris France

Antique photogravures of Paris(circa 1900-1910)

Antique prints of France and Paris from miscellaneous sources

Cecil Aldin Old Inns 1921

Aldin, Cecil

Old Inns (1921)

Antique photo prints from around the world (1895)

Antique photo prints from around the world (1895)

United States of America

Great Britain: England, Ireland, Scotland


Germany, Switzerland, Tyrol

Amsterdam, Holland and Antwerp, Belgium




Architectural Studies in France 1854




Luigi Kasimir etching of Chartres Cathedral


Petit, John Louis

Architectural Studies in France (1854)






Kasimir, Luigi

Chartres Cathedral


Decorative interior design prints from the art deco era

Vintage art deco interior design prints

Decorative Draperies and Upholstery
(Thorne, 1937)

Paris through the ages 1885 lithographs

Hoffbauer, H.F.

Paris A Travers Les Ages
[Paris, France]

Antique prints of Seattle, Washington Territory, circa 1884

Antique prints of Seattle, Washington

from The West Shore

(circa 1884)

antique prints of Eton, Cambridge and Windsor

Eton College, Cambridge, Windsor

Small antique prints of Eton College, Cambridge, Windsor and surrounding area

(circa 1880s)

American Architect and Building News 1897

American Architect and Building News

Antique photogravures/half tone prints of famous architecture


The Inns of Court and Chancery (1893)

Inns of Court and Chancery

The Inns and Courts of Chancery


Holland and Belgium antique engravings mid 19th century

Holland and Belgium

19th-century engravings from miscellaneous sources

(mid-19th century)

antique prints of the Temple Bar in London

Temple Bar, London, England

Miscellaneous antique prints featuring the Temple Bar in London

(18th and 19th century prints)

antique prints of Italy


Antique prints of Italy from miscellaneous sources

(mostly 19th century)

antique prints of London, England

London, England

Miscellaneous antique prints featuring London

(18th and 19th century prints)

Antique prints of Spain


Antique prints of Spain from miscellaneous sources

(mostly 19th century)

Antique prints of Germany

Antique prints of Germany and Austria from miscellaneous sources

(19th & early 20th century prints)

The Engineer and Machinist's Assistant (1847)

The Engineer and Machinist's Assistant

Antique prints of technical drawings of machinery


Gruner's Frescoes & Stuccos Italy

Fresco Decorations and Stuccoes of Churches & Palaces in Italy During the Fifteenth & Sixteenth Centuries

(Gruner, 1854)

color lithographs of English and European buildings

Miscellaneous chromolithographs of European buildings and street scenes by artists such as J.C. Bearz, Ernest Oden, Robons, and George H. Downing

Color architectural scenes in Europe

(circa 1900-1910?)

miscellaneous architectural prints Architectural prints from miscellaneous, unidentified sources

Thomas Shotter Boys London As It Is 1842/1954

Boys, Thomas Shotter

Original Views of London As It Is

(1954, after 1842 originals)

Charles Traylen, publisher

London fortifications during the Civil War 1642-1643


'Eyre's Fortifications of London, 1643'


The Queen's London

The Queen's London


Vintage Maurice Utrillo Paris prints from 1955

Maurice Utrillo vintage prints of Paris buildings, streets, neighborhoods

(Sidney Z. Lucas, 1955)

Architecture Lymington, Belgium and Germany

Haghe, Louis

Views of Lymington

Sketches in Belgium
& Germany

antique art deco designs and patterns

Art Deco Patterns and Designs

(unidentified late-18th- or early- 19th-century publication)


antique prints of architecture and world views

Miscellaneous Antique Prints of Architecture and Views


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