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antique prints relating to music and opera

Antique and vintage prints relating to music, musical instruments, sheet music, opera, etc.

See also our vintage and antique Theatre and Drama prints.

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450-year-old handwritten hymnal parchments Missale Festivum
460+-year-old original handwritten hymnal parchments from a Spanish monastery (1649 a.d.)
Antique prints of musical instruments

Musical Instruments Historic, Rare and Unique
by A.J. Hipkins, illustrated by William Gibbs (1888)

the same, from 1921 octavo edition

antique hand-coloured sheet music Bickham

Antique Sheet Music

from The Musical Entertainer

(1737-1740) London

Original 175-year-old Hand-coloured Engravings on laid paper, engraved by George Bickham
Music by various composers.

Antique music-related prints

Antique woodcuts of music-related subjects

from The Illustrated London News, The Graphic and other 19th-century sources

19th century music related prints

Antique prints of music-related subjects

from various, mostly 19th-century sources

antique music prints by Racinet in the Historic Costume Le Costume Historiquegust Racinet
antique prints of opera stars Opera stars from the Metropolitan Opera and others
antique prints related to opera Opera-related woodblock engravings, etchings, lithographs
antique opera singers and actors The Music of the Modern World
(New York, 1895)
Antique Vanity Fair 'Spy' prints of musicians, composers, etc

Vanity Fair 'Spy' Prints

caricatures of famous musicians, composers, and music-related personages

Herta Czoernig musician's homes

Herta Czoernig

Musicians' Homes Series


Antique music-related woodblock wood cut prints

Antique music-related woodblock prints

From 19th-century sources such as "The Illustrated London Times" and "The Graphic"

Music-related portraits and subjects

Miscellaneous Portraits and other music-related prints

Famous musicians, composers, and music-related subjects (mostly 19th century)

Late 18th-Century engraved music scores 1770-1790

Late 18th-Century engraved sheet music

circa 1770s-1790s

Antique music scores from the late 19th and early 20th centuries

Late 19th-Century and early 20th-Century sheet music

circa 1890s-1940s

Antique Opera Libretto Programs from 1855-1920s

Antique Opera Libretto programs


Rare prints and maps...Since 1918! Click here to go to Darvill's home page.
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