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antique theatre and drama prints

Antique and vintage prints of theatre, stage, plays, actors, etc.
See also our antique and vintage prints concerning music and opera.

The Stage and Its Stars (1889)
[Julia Marlowe as Julia in "The Hunchback"]

The Stage and Its Stars, Past and Present...

Philadelphia, 1889

Music of the Modern World, 1895 opera and theatre stars
[Van Dyke as Lohengrin]

Artists and Authors from
[Sarah Bernhardt as Cleopatra]

Great Men and Famous Women
(edited by Charles F. Horne
[8 Volumes, 68 Parts]
New York, 1894 and 1899)

Artists and Authors
[volumes VII and VIII]

Opera and Theatre stars from the late 19th century
[Chancey Oclott in "A Romance of Athlone."]

Opera and Theatre stars of the late 19th century

unidentified publication, circa 1899

Original copperplate engravings from 1789-1803 Shakespeare plays
[detail from "Macbeth" Act 1, Sc. III]

Boydell's Shakespeare Gallery

American Edition, New York 1852

The Complete Works of Shakespeare (1850)
["Antony and Cleopatra" Act 4, Sc. 10]

The Complete Works of Shakespeare...

James Orchard Halliwell
London & New York, 1850

The Dramatic Works of William Shakspere [sic] 1848
["King Henry the Sixth" Part 3, Act 1, Sc. 3]
The Works of Shakespeare, circa 1860-1870
[Cleopatra and Caesar from "Julius Caesar"]
The Works of Shakspere [sic] [Shakespeare]

Charles Knight, editor
circa 1860-1870
The Library Shakespeare
["As You Like It", Act III, Sc. II]

The Library Shakespeare

Illustrated by Sir John Gilbert, George Cruikshank and Robert Dudley

London, circa 1870s-1880s

Opera actors and actresses from circa 1906
["Mademoiselle Dazie"]

Opera Stars from the Metropolitan Opera and other companies

The Burr McIntosh Monthly,

Antique color prints from
["Ctesippus" — Mr. Henry Kemble]


Her Majesty's Theatre


Vintage film actor photographs and studio promo photographs of movie stars of the past
[Joan Crawford]

Vintage film actor photographs and studio promo photographs of movie stars of the past

undated, circa 1930s-1940s

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