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Antique and vintage portrait prints of famous people



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Kings and Queens of England

New, Impartial and Complete History of England; from the Very Earliest Period of Authentic Information, And most Genuine Records of Historical Evidence, to the End of the Present Year

by Edward Barnard, 1790

Heads of Illustrious Persons of Great Britain, Houbraken, Vertue

Heads of Illustrious Persons of Great Britain, engraven by Mr. Houbraken, and Mr. Vertue...


Physiognomical Portraits     Vanity Fair 'Spy' Prints   Vanity Fair 'Spy' Prints

British Autography and Portraits     Portraits of famous artists   The Portraits of the Most Eminent Painters, and other Famous Artists, That have flourished in Europe. Curiously Engraven on above One Hundred Copper Plates.

F. Bouttats, P. De Jode, Senior, et. al., — London, 1739
University of Edinburgh professors     Famous Naturalists   Naturalists from
The Naturalist's Library

London, Edinburgh
circa 1840s
The New Illustrated History of England     The Biographical Mirrour...(1798)   The Biographical Mirrour...

London, 1796-1801
Lives of the Principal Reformers  

The Lives of the Principal Reformers, both Englishmen and Foreigners...

by Richard Rolt, London, 1759
Mezzotint engravings by Richard Houston


  Georgio Vasari's   Vite de' più eccellenti Architetti, Pittori, et Scultori Italiani (The Lives of the Most Excellent Painters, Sculptors and Architects of Italy)

unknown edition, circa 1791-1811
Great Masters 1400-1800  

Great Masters 1400-1800
Reproductions in Photogravure from The Finest Works of the Most Famous Painters down to the year 1800

Sir Martin Conway
London, 1903

  History of the Pacific Northwest portraits from 1889 Oregon and Washington state   History of the Pacific Northwest: Oregon and Washington

John Young etchings of famous paintings 1825  

A Catalogue of The Collection of Pictures of the Most Noble The Marquess of Stafford, at Cleveland House, London, containing an Etching of Every Picture, and accompanied with Historical and Biographical Notices by John Young, Engraver in Mezzotinto to His Majesty and Keeper of the British Institution.

London, 1825

  The Art Treasures of England, 1876  

The Art Treasures of England
The Master-Pieces of the Best English, Irish and Scottish Painters and Sculptors

J. Vernon Whittaker, editor
Philadelphia, 1876

The World's Masterpieces  

The World's Masterpieces

The Fine Art Society
London, ca. 1880-1910

  National Gallery famous painting color prints from 1909  

The National Gallery

T. Leman Hare,
General Editor
London, 1909

Abrecht Durer prints from about 1890-1910  

Albrecht Dürer prints

circa 1890-1910

  The Art of E.A. Rickards  

The Art of E.A. Rickards

London, 1920

The World's Greatest Paintings (1934 reproductions)     Masterpieces in Colour series, circa 1909-1915  

Masterpieces in Colour

London, circa 1909-15

Great Men and Famous Women (1894-1899)  

Great Men and
Famous Women

edited by Charles F. Horne
[8 Volumes, 68 Parts]
New York, 1894 and 1899

Soldiers and Sailors
[volumes I and II]

Statesmen and Sages
[volumes III and IV]

Workmen and Heroes
[volumes V and VI]

Artists and Authors
[volumes VII and VIII]

  Italian masterpieces, circa 1900 prints  

Italian Masterpieces

unidentified Italian publication, circa 1900

Opera actors and actresses from circa 1906

Opera Stars from the Metropolitan Opera and other companies

The Burr McIntosh Monthly,

  Thomas Gainsborough portraits in photogravure and lithography 1899   Gainsborough and His Place in English Art

Sir Walter Armstrong, 1899
The History of Russia

The History of Russia

By H. Tyrrell

  Chicago World's Columbian Expo photo portraits 1893  

Chicago World's Columbian Exposition


English Children by Sir Joshua Reynolds

English Children as Painted by Sir Joshua Reynolds

By Frederic G. Stephens

130-plus-year-old photogravures after Reynold's paintings

Pictorial History of Scotland

The Pictorial History of Scotland from the Roman Invasion to the Close of the Jacobite Rebellion A.D. 79-1746

By James Taylor
Circa 1850s

Original hand-colored German photogravures

Hand-coloured German photogravure portraits from the early 20th century

Portraits of women, mothers with children, children. All hand-coloured photo engravings from circa 1910s-1930s. A few scenery/landscape images as well.

History of Scotland

Tytler's History of Scotland

By Sir Archibald Alison

Antique prints of the Philippines

Antique prints of the Philippines and the Spanish American War

From The Story of the Philippines

William Shakespeare portraits
  Antique prints of William Shakespeare portraits
French colour-prints of the XVIII century

French Colour-Prints of the XVIII Century

Facsimile prints from 1913

The Nuremberg Chronicle (1493)

The Nuremberg Chronicle

Original wood block prints from 1493 - over 520 years old!

Finden's Gallery of The Graces, 1837

Finden's Gallery of the Graces


The Gallery of Engravings, Wright, 1845

The Gallery of Engravings


Butler's Lives of the Saints (circa 1875)

Butler's Lives of the Saints:
The Lives of the Fathers, Martyrs and Other Principal Saints

circa 1875

Heads of the People, or Portraits of the English 1878

Heads of the People, or Portrait of the English drawn by Kenny Meadows


A.B. Frost prints 1904-1906

Drawings of A.B. Frost


Charles Dana Gibson antique prints

Drawings of Charles Dana Gibson


Harrison Fisher Bachelor Belles

Bachelor Belles by Harrison Fisher


  Music-related portraits and subjects


Miscellaneous Portraits and other music-related prints

Famous musicians, composers, and music-related subjects (mostly 18th- and 19th-century engravings)

National Portrait Gallery of Distinguished Americans (1834)

The National Portrait Gallery of Distinguished Americans


Portraits of famous authors, inventors, philosophers, etc

Portraits of famous authors, philosophers, inventors, etc

miscellaneous 18th-20th century sources

Antique portraits of Royalty

Portraits of Royalty: Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses, etc.

18th and 19th century miscellaneous sources

National Portrait Gallery of Eminent Americans 1862-1864

National Portrait Gallery of Eminent Americans


misc 17th - 19th century portraits of famous people

Miscellaneous Portraits from the 17th to 19th Centuries

Portraits of native peoples from Captain Cook's voyages

Portraits from the Explorations and Voyages of Captains Cook, Drake, Anson, Carteret. Wallis, Mulgrave, Byron, etc



Wonderful Eccentric Characters  

The Book of Wonderful Characters
Memoirs and Anecdotes of
Remarkable and Eccentric Persons in All Ages and Countries

Wilson and Caulfield, circa 1869-1870


History of the United States

Spencer, 1866-1868

Vintage film actor photographs and studio promo photographs of movie stars of the past  

Vintage film actor photographs and studio promo photographs of movie stars of the past

undated, circa 1930s-1940s

  original Guatemalan watercolor paintings by M. Navas, circa 1950s-1960s  

M. Navas original Guatemalan watercolor paintings of Mayan subjects

circa 1950s to 1960s

Antique portraits of George Washington and related subjects  

Antique and Vintage portraits of George Washington and related subjects

  Abraham Lincoln portraits, vintage and antique  

Antique and Vintage portraits of Abraham Lincoln and related subjects

John Kay Scottish portraits 1794-1810  

John Kay portraits of Scottish military, legislature and legal society

circa 1784-1810

  original portraits from Pepys Diary  

The Diary of Samuel Pepys

Original antique etchings and engravings
circa 1790-1805

portraits of Admirals, Generals, Captains, etc from 18th and 19th century sources  

Portraits of famous Admirals, Generals, Captains, etc. from misc. 18th- and 19th-century sources

  original engravings of 19th century famous people  

Portraits of famous people from various 19th-century sources

authors, poets, philosophers, U.S. Civil War generals, U.S. Presidents, etc., etc.

Antique portraits of Presidents of the United States of America  

Presidents of the United States of America

from miscellaneous 19th- and early 20th-century sources

  large limited edition photogravures of US presidents (1901)  

The White House Gallery of Official Portraits of the Presidents

Large limited edition photogravures from 1901

original prints of effgies, monuments, coins, tokens, etc. from misc. sources  

Effigies, monuments, coins, tokens, etc.

from miscellaneous sources, mostly 19th century

  vintage portraits of President Franklin D. Roosevelt  

Original Vintage portraits of Franklin Delano Roosevelt (F.D.R.) and related subjects

original Lehnert and Landrock heliogravures from the 1910s-1930s  

Original Lehnert and Landrock heliogravures of North African people and landscapes

circa 1910-1930s

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