Definitions and terms used in the fine arts print field have been varied. The older, even sometimes archaic, meanings are not necessarily the same today. There are terms that are quite colloquial to a locality. Then we have the user's interpretation whether artist, publisher, gallery, curator, museum, collector or consumer. We hope this glossary is of some assistance.
Letter Press
A relief printing process where ink touches only the raised surfaces thus printing only that portion of the image.
Limited Edition
Identical printes of the same edition, numbered in sequence (or other marks) to denote limited production. A stated maximum number of printed copies or impressions.
Linoleum Block
(Linocut) A relief printing method using linoleum on a block or backing.
Drawn or printed on stone or plate.
A planographic process of printing from a flat stone or metal plate by a method based on the repulsion between grease and water. The design is put on the surface with a greasy material, and then water and printing ink are successfully applied; the greasy parts repel water and absorb the ink but the wet parts do not. This process may be done by hand or photomechanically. Also see Offset Lithography, Chromo Lithography, Stone Lithography.
Master Printer
A specialist in making fine prints for the artist.
Dull tone, no sheen or gloss.
An intaglio process in which a texture is produced on a metal plate with a "rocker." By scraping or burnishing the surface, gradations of light and shade may then be produced. Mezzotints are characterized by a rich, velvet overall appearance with numerous tonal ranges.
Mint Condition
A term used to describe a print that is as perfect as when it was originally issued or published.

A wavy pattern caused by superimposing a repetitive design on the same or different design to produce a pattern distinct from the original pattern.

Molded Paper
Paper which has been pressed into a mold.
Monoprint / Monotype
A one of a kind print produced in a single impression and from a single plate. Monoprints may exhibit a variety of colors and surface textures.
A gallery for the display and conservation of works of art.
Mylar Printing

A method of printing which allows the artist to draw directly on a mylar (clear polyester) sheet from a registered main drawing. Each color is then plated and printed separately, resulting in the finished full color image.

The term used to describe the reverse of the visual photographic image.
Numbered Print
Sequentially numbered print; a print bearing a number corresponding to its position after the edition is printed and signed.
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