Definitions and terms used in the fine arts print field have been varied. The older, even sometimes archaic, meanings are not necessarily the same today. There are terms that are quite colloquial to a locality. Then we have the user's interpretation whether artist, publisher, gallery, curator, museum, collector or consumer. We hope this glossary is of some assistance.
Glossary of print terms (continued)
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Time Limited
An edition where the size (quantity) is determined by the number of orders received prior to a specific date.
A quality or value of color as a tint or shade.
Transmission Copy

An image made from a transparent source, such as color transparencies.

Trial Proof (T/P)
Épreuve d'Essai (French). Artist initial test printing to determine the next changes or corrections.
A liquid form of lithographic crayon applied to the lithographic stone to produce solid blackened areas; also used in the making of a screen for serigraphs (silkscreens).
In the graphic arts, the term used to describe an edition with no set quantity or restriction on quantity for printing.
Traditionally a mark or ornament executed in brass wire on a mold which contains the paper pulp, creating a relief design marking the sheet with a visible, transparent imprint.
Wood Cut
A relief printing method in which the image area is carved into a block of wood; the prints produced by this method.
Wood Engraving
A method of relief printing using a wood block which is cut away with engraving tools.
A metal sometimes used for printing plates.
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