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original spy prints vanity fair lithographs

BACKGROUND: Produced to verify the colours and lines of the lithographs, no more than 20 proofs were printed of each caricature. These prints have no captions or dates, or other descriptive type, and the magazine bound them in numbered albums, in green leather with gilt tooling. They were offered for sale, and also awarded as prizes in the magazine's acrostic contests. At the front of each volume was a printed note from Vanity Fair giving the number of proof volume and the numbered volume in the series. The quality of the colours in the proof prints, their clarity of line and detail and their scarcity make them of considerable interest to collectors.

Source: " In 'Vanity Fair' " by Roy T. Matthews and Peter Mellini

We sell original Vanity Fair "Spy" prints (lithographs), not reproductions.
Vanity Fair prints are usually about 10½ by 15½ inches, varying somewhat by year and publisher over the 45 years of the magazine's life.

Whenever possible, we provide the original descriptive text or a copy thereof.

IMPORTANT: the name, date, and title given below each thumbnail do not appear on the prints, as these are"Proofs before lettering." Please see background information above.
We do provide descriptive text of the caricature whenever possible.
Vanity Fair "Spy" Print Categories
Ambassadors from England
Ambassadors to England
Architects and Engineers
Automobilists & Balloonists
Bankers and Financiers
Businessmen and Empire Builders
Carriage Drivers
Chancellors of the Exchequer
Doctors and Scientists
Dog Judge
Explorers and Inventors
Fox Hunters
Game Hunters
Horse Trainers
Prime Ministers
Proofs before lettering
Railway Officials
Red Robed Judges
Roller Skating
Shipping Officials
Sport Riders
Sports, Misc.
Stock Exchange Officials
Trade Union Officials
Turf Devotees

Phineas Taylor Barnum

[Phineas Taylor Barnum]

[Nov. 16, 1889]


Proof before lettering

NOTE: a "regular" non-proof print may be available under the Americans category


The Hon. Chauncey Mitchell Depew, LL.D

[The Hon. Chauncey Mitchell Depew, LL.D]

[Oct. 26, 1889]

["Mr. Chauncey M. Depew
President of the New York Central Road


Proof before lettering

The Hon. Chauncey Mitchell Depew, LL.D

[M. Alexandre Gustave Eiffel]

[May 11, 1889]

["Gustave Eiffel"]
(Architects and Engineers)

Proof before lettering

Baron Ferdinand James De Rothschild, M.P.

[Baron Ferdinand James De Rothschild, M.P.]

[June 15, 1889]

(Bankers and Financiers)

Proof before lettering

Richard Pigott

[Richard Pigott]

[March 9, 1889]

["Richard Pigott"]

Proof before lettering

Sir Henry Aaron Isaacs

[Sir Henry Aaron Isaacs]

[Nov. 9, 1889]

["A New Lord Mayor"]

Proof before lettering

The Marquis of Drogheda, K.P., P.C., J.P., D.L.

[The Marquis of Drogheda,
K.P., P.C., J.P., D.L.]

[March 30, 1889]

(Horse Trainers)

Proof before lettering

John Porter

[Mr. John Porter]

[Oct. 12, 1889]

["John Porter"]

(Horse Trainers)

Proof before lettering

Sir George Russell

[Sir George Russell, M.P., D.L.]

[March 2, 1889]


Proof before lettering

Mr. Augustus Helder

[Mr. Augustus Helder]

[April 30, 1889]


Proof before lettering

Admiral Sir John Edmund Commerell, G.C.B., V.C.

[Admiral Sir John Edmund Commerell, G.C.B., V.C.]

[August 3, 1889]

["Admiral Sir John Edmund Commerell, G.C.B., V.C."]

Proof before lettering

Major-General Sir Francis Grenfell, K.C.B.

[Major-General Sir Francis Grenfell, K.C.B.]

[Oct 19, 1889]

["General Sir Francis Grenfell, K.C.B."]

Proof before lettering

Harry Marks

[Harry Marks]

[March 17, 1889]

["Financial News"]

Proof before lettering

Monsieur de Blowitz

[Monsieur de Blowitz]

[Dec 7, 1889]

[" 'The Times' in Paris "]

Proof before lettering

Mr. John Corlett

[Mr. John Corlett]

[March 14, 1889]

["The Pink 'Un"]

Proof before lettering

Mr. Thomas Gibson Bowles

[Mr. Thomas Gibson Bowles]

[July 13, 1889]

(founder of Vanity Fair magazine)

Proof before lettering

The Right Honourable Lord Sandhurst

[The Right Honourable Lord Sandhurst]

[June 22, 1889]

["A Soldier's Son"]

Proof before lettering

The Earl of Fife, K.T.

[The Earl of Fife, K.T.]

[July 27, 1889]

["A Princess's Husband"]

Proof before lettering

The Right Honourable James Whitehead, J.P., D.L., Lord Mayor of London

[The Right Honourable James Whitehead, J.P., D.L., Lord Mayor of London]

[March 16, 1889]

["Bonnie Westmoreland"]

Proof before lettering


John Bright

[John Bright]

[April 6, 1889]

["John Bright"]

Proof before lettering

Mr. William Cuthbert Quilter. J.P., M.P.

[Mr. William Cuthbert Quilter. J.P., M.P.]

[Feb 9, 1889]

["in Society and a Member of Parliament"]

Proof before lettering

H.S.H. Prince Demtrey Soltykoff

[H.S.H. Prince Demtrey Soltykoff]

[July 6, 1889]

["Count Soltykoff"]
(Royalty and Heads of State)

Proof before lettering

M. Marie François Sadi Carnot

[M. Marie François Sadi Carnot]

[Sept 21, 1889]

["M. Carnot"]
(Royalty and Heads of State)

Proof before lettering

Henry Searle

[Henry Searle]

[Sept 7, 1889]

["Professional Champion
Sculler of the World"]


Proof before lettering

Mr. Guy Nickalls

[Mr. Guy Nickalls]

[July 20, 1889]

["Wingfield Sculls"]

Proof before lettering

The Marquis of Carmarthen

[The Marquis of Carmarthen]

[Feb 23, 1889]

(Sports Misc.)

Proof before lettering

The Rev. Edmund Henry Morgan, M.A.

[The Rev. Edmund Henry Morgan, M.A.]

[Jan 19, 1889]

["Red Morgan"]

Proof before lettering

The Reverend Henry Arthur Morgan, D.D.

[The Reverend Henry Arthur Morgan, D.D.]

[Jan 26, 1889]

["Black Morgan"]

Proof before lettering

Mr. Arthur Cecil

[Mr. Arthur Cecil]

[Dec 28, 1889]

["Arthur Cecil"]

Proof before lettering

Major E.H. Egerton

[Major E.H. Egerton]

[Aug 24, 1889]

["Major E.H. Egerton /
Official Handicapper to the Jockey Club"]

(Turf Devotees)

Proof before lettering

Viscount Dagnan

[Viscount Dagnan]

[Jan 12, 1889]

["Viscount Dagnan"]
(Turf Devotees)

Proof before lettering

The Honourable George Higginson Allsopp, M.P.

[The Honourable George Higginson Allsopp, M.P.]

[April 20, 1889]

(Turf Devotees)

Proof before lettering

The Right Honourable Lord Hothfield

[The Right Honourable Lord Hothfield]

[Aug. 17, 1889]

["Lord Hothfield"]
(Turf Devotees)

Proof before lettering

Mr. Harry McCalmont

[Mr. Harry McCalmont]

[Oct. 5, 1889]

["Mr. HLB McCalmont"]
(Turf Devotees)

Proof before lettering

Mr. J. T. MacKenzie of Kintail

[Mr. J. T. MacKenzie of Kintail]

[March 23, 1889]

["The Universal Benefactor"]
(Turf Devotees)

Proof before lettering

Alfonso XIII
Alfonso XIII

[ May 24, 1906

["S.M. Alfonso XIII"]
(Royalty and Heads of State)

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