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masterpieces of art prints

Antique and vintage prints of famous paintings, sketches, drawings, etc.

Also, be sure to view the other antique print categories that may contain "masterpiece art"
such as Topographical Scenes, Religion, Famous Persons' Portraits, etc.

Titian, Veronese, Tintoretto etchings from 1682 exectuted by Valentin Lefebvre
["Christ Crowned with Thorns" by Titian]

British Gallery of Engravings 1807
['Saint Christopher' by Olsheimer.]

A collection of etchings
["Cleopatre" by Guido Reni.]

Jacques Callot's Temptation of Saint Anthony
[detail from "The Temptation of Saint Anthony"
by Jacques Callot.]
Jacques Callot's The Temptation of Saint Anthony also known as The Second Temptation of Saint Anthony
Etched by Pacot, Paris, circa 1635

The Early Florentine School (Ottley, 1826)
[William Young Ottley, drawn from original by an UNKNOWN ARTIST of the GREEK SCHOOL about 1230, existing in the Convent of S. Francesco at Perugia.]

William Young Ottley rare etchings 1828
['The Hunted Wolf' by Snyders.]

The Art Treasures of England 1876
['The Snake in the Grass" by Reynolds.]

Great Masters 1400-1800
['The Ascension" by Bellini.]

Great Masters 1400-1800
Reproductions in Photogravure from The Finest Works of the Most Famous Painters down to the year 1800

Sir Martin Conway
Fine Arts Publishing Co., Ltd.
London, 1903

The American Art Review (1879-1881) original etchings
["Landscape with Sheep" etched by James D. Smillie after the painting by Charles Émile Jacque.]

The American Art Review

Boston, 1879-1881

original etchings by John Young after famous artists' masterpieces
[unidentified by A. Vanderneer.]

The Hundred Best Pictures (1901)
["La Gioconda" (AKA Mona Lisa) by Leonardo da Vinci.]

The Hundred Best Pictures

C. Hubert Letts
London, 1901


The World's Masterpieces
["Ceres and Pomona" by Rubens and Snijders.]

The World's Masterpieces

The Fine Art Society
London, ca. 1880-1910


The National Gallery famous painting reproductions from 1909
["Portraits of Jan Arnolfini and his Wife" by Van Eyck.]

The National Gallery

T. Leman Hare, General Editor
London, 1909

Famous painting reproductions from the 1912
["The Lark" by George Henry, R.A..]

The Burlington Magazine for Connoisseurs

London, 1912

The World's Greatest Paintings
["Shoeing the Bay Mare" by Landseer.]

Masterpieces in Colour series, circa 1909-1915
["The Misses Wertheimer" by Sargent.]

Masterpieces in Colour

London, circa 1909-15

Thomas Gainsborough
["The Blue Boy" by Gainsborough.]

King Albert's Book 1914
["Resurgam" by Dicksee.]

King Albert's Book

London, 1914

Portrait of America vintage art prints 1945
["Lazybones" by Theo Pascal.]

Portrait of America

New York, 1945

National Art Society New York World's Fair prints 1939
["No More Mowing" by John S. De Martelly.]

Famous Nude Paintings (Penn Prints, circa 1950s-1960s)
["Nude Woman in Red Chair" by Picasso.]


Famous Nude Paintings

Penn Prints, New York, ca. 1950s-1960s

Famous Nude Paintings (Penn Prints, circa 1950s-1960s)

Rembrandt prints

unidentified source, circa 1890-1900

antique prints from l'art francaise 1887-1891
["Vaincre ou Morir" by Boucher.]

L'art Français


original prints from the 1889 Paris World Fair
[detail from "Conquerors of Salamis" by Cormon]

Chefs d'Oeuvre de L'Exposition Universelle

1889 World Fair of Paris Exhibition

The Works of Sir Edwin Landseer
["The Connoisseurs" by Landseer.]

Lord Leighton antique prints
[Study of drapery for 'Fatidica' by Leighton.]

antique chromolithographs of famous paintings
['Marguerite' by Bertrand]

Art & Song 1867
[T. Stothard scene engraved by E.J. Portbury]

original Guatemalan watercolor paintings by M. Navas, circa 1950s-1960s


The Later Work of Aubrey Beardsley

exact date of publication unknown, but between 1901-1967


antique prints of statues, sculptures, etc.

Engravings of Statues, Sculptures, etc.

miscellaneous 19th-century sources


vintage and antique prints of famous paintings

Miscellaneous prints of art pieces, paintings, etc.

miscellaneous 18th-, 19th-, and 20th-century sources


whimsical, colorful serigraphs from Mary Maki Rae

Whimsical, colorful serigraphs from Mary Maki Rae

early 1980s, some are hand-signed limited edition


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